The Finals at Last! Fideo's Determination!! (いよいよ決戦(けっせん)!フィディオの決意(けつい)!!, Iyoiyo kessen! Fidio no ketsui!!) is episode 103 of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


Inazuma Japan IE 103 HQ

Inazuma Japan getting ready for the match against Orpheus.

The Rankings as of IE 103 HQ

The rankings of the five teams

Inazuma Japan are preparing for their match against Orpheus, as the important game will take place tomorrow. Then Fuyuka is seen talking with Furukabu about something that is not yet revealed but they said that if they found it is would change the power balance of the world tournament. Then while training Kidou has a flashback of him talking to Kageyama who told him that he will destroy Inazuma Japan at Italy's area. The Italian team is seen training with Mr. K but no one other than Fideo could complete Kageyama's training, The rest of the team thought this training had no meaning because even though

Fideo recieving a package IE 103 HQ

Fideo received a package from Hide

they won against England they tied with America because of Mr. K's commands, they still don't acknowledge him as their coach. And couple with the fact that they heard about the bad things he had done to Endou and others, they decided that they will fight using their own soccer. Later on Fideo is seen receiving package from the captain. It was a video of a match between the Japan National team and the Korean National team and Fideo was amazed by Japan's plays. The next day, the match between Orpheus and Inazuma Japan begins, and gets intensify almost immediately after it'd started. But Orpheus seems to have a fight between Fideo and the rest, which is why Japan makes the first point so soon.

Hissatsu used


[Fudou Akio] The three of us will show him together!


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