The Strongest Tactics! Catenaccio Counter!! (最強(さいきょう)タクティクス!カテナチオカウンター!!, Saikyō Takutikusu! Katenachio Kauntā!!) is episode 104 of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


Fideo resembling Tougo

Fideo plays as Kageyama Tougo.

After Inazuma Japan's early goal, many of Orpheus's members still didn't want to listen to Fideo because he trusts Mr. K, which is why Japan continued to get the better of them. Though Fideo even saved them from potentially losing another point, most of them didn't seem to appreciate what he has done and didn't listen to his orders.

Catenaccio Counter 5

Catenaccio Counter.

Fideo, believing Mr. K could take them to a new level, begged his team to put their trust in him for five minutes, which they accept, because Blasi said that they will agree with it. Whatever was on everyone's mind, they'll be shocked at the plays Fideo is going to pull out, and the Hissatsu tactics which even shake Mr. K from his composure!

Hissatsu/Tactics used




[Fideo Ardena] When the coach and players join as one, the team will awaken!


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