Fierce Fight! Endou VS Fideo!! (熱闘(ねっとう)円堂(えんどう)VSフィディオ!!, Nettō! Endō VS Fidio!!) is the 105th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Catenaccio Counter broken IE 105 HQ

Kidou breaking Cattenacio Counter.

Fideo's plays which is out of this world, Kageyama and the past he's been freed from, and Orpheus which has become complete as a team, all of which has allow Italy to complete the powerful hissatsu tactic: Catenaccio Counter. Not only they block every one of Inazuma Japan's attacks, they also takes the lead with Fideo's Odin Sword. Unless Japan break through Catenaccio Counter, they won't have a chance at victory.

Hissatsu/Tactics used




[Fideo Ardena] What's strongest doesnt't stay that way forever. The next strongest thing is always waiting inside us!


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