Grandpa's Last Notebook! (じいちゃんの最後(さいご)のノート!, Jīchan no saigo no nōto!) is episode 107 of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


The last game in Group A, The Empire vs Unicorn, are coming to an end with The Empire in the lead. Since the match between Inazuma Japan and Orpheus has ended in a tie, Orpheus has been guaranteed first place in Group A, while Japan are anxiously waiting for the results as they couldn't advance with their own wins.

Unicorn doesn't make it in the end, meaning Japan can go to the finals tournament. The good news doesn't stop there, Daisuke's last notebook has made it way to Endou thanks to Fuyuka's memories and the help of Natsumi. However, it doesn't have ideas for Hissatsu techniques, but contains sayings which gave Fuyuka's dad courage and strength of heart.

Though they don't know what those sayings mean, they definitely take them seriously as Kidou said that as long as they keep those words in mind, they'll be able to figure it out somehow. Meanwhile, Touko and Rika are planning to pay them a surprise visit.

On the way, Rika stops to buy more souvenirs from two old men, who give them two bracelets called "the keys to the legend" for free. Rika put one on, only to find out later that she can't take it off, the same goes for Otonashi when Touko give her the other one. Just what are these bracelets suppose to be? It seems another great drama is about to begin!

Hissatsu used


[Kidou Yuuto] We'll be moving onwards. Carrying on the feelings of those who lost, we'll proceed forward!


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