Descent of the Demon Lord! Dark Angel!! (魔王(まおう)降臨(こうりん)!ダークエンジェル!!, Maou Kourin! Dark Angel!!) is the 111th episode of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


Endou and others has saved both Rika and Otonashi, but it's not over yet. There's still one more obstacle to overcome: Dark Angel, the fusion of heaven and hell, and the demon lord himself. Inazuma Japan has to fight another battle with their souls on the line, which are what Dark Angel wants in order

Dark Angel.

to make themselves even more perfect as the demon lord. Endou and others quickly finds themselves struggling against the destructive power of Dark Angel. Will they all perish? Or will they live to go to the finals?


Tenkuu no Shito and Makai Gundan Z join forces and become Dark Angel. Dark Angel has decided that the two girls (Haruna and Rika) aren't good enough to be sacrifices, they reveal that through playing soccer with the red team and the white team, they have chosen worthy sacrifices/soccer players. The eleven "worthy" sacrifices are namely Endou, Gouenji, Kidou, Fudou, Teres, Fideo, Hiroto, Tobitaka, Toramaru, Kabeyama and Fubuki.

The fused team is more powerful than before, and has upgraded most of their moves in such a short period of time.

Inazuma Japan wins however, with faith and confidence. At the end Natsumi says she's quitting as Inazuma Japan's manager.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] Live up to your friend's feelings! That's soccer too!


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