The Kingdom's Darkness! (ザ・キングダムの(やみ)!, Za Kingudamu no yami!) is the 112th episode of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


The final match in Group B: Brazil's The Kingdom vs France's Rose Griffon, has ended with The Kingdom winning overwhelmingly. This amazing team is also Inazuma Japan's opponent in the semi-finals. Everyone, especially Endou, are excited to play against them. But their captain, Mac Roniejo, comes to Endou with a shocking proposal. He wants Inazuma Japan to lose in the semi-finals. They find out that Garshield told the players that they have to win every match, or else something will happen to their families. Hijikata, Endou, Hiroto and Kidou sneak in and copy the data from Brazils camp base. It seems that Garshield had planned to take over the world? What will happen?

Hissatsu/Tactics used




[Kiyama Hiroto] There are times when we have to face danger and new situations!



  • The captain of Rose Griffon, Pierre, isn't wearing the captain's band.


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