Garshield's Plot! (ガルシルドの陰謀(いんぼう)!, Garushirudo no inbō!) is the 113th episode of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


Inazuma Japan are astonished by the data they stole from Garshield's mansion, which revealed his plan to take over the world. If they give the data to the police, Garshield will definitely go to jail, and The Kingdom will be able to play their own soccer. Coach Hibiki volunteers to take the data to the police, while Endou and Hijikata go to tell The Kingdom good news. However, Hibiki wasn't able to do it because he has another chest pain while he had had some as shown in various episodes before, which was caused by a heart condition. Nonetheless, the data made it to the police. But to their horror, Garshield appears at the stadium where the match will begin. He had pulled the string with the police and got away and as soon as the match starts, Roniejo's expression becomes odd. Has the plan RH begun?


[Hibiki Seigou] The goddess of victory seems to like guys who don't give up.


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