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Miracle! Little Gigant!! (驚異(きょうい)!リトルギガント!!, Kyōi! Ritoru Giganto!!) is the 116th episode of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


Orpheus' next fight was against Little Gigant. Unfortunately, they lost without scoring a single point. Endou, concerned about what happened, went to see the Orpheus team and talked about what happened during the game. After failing to cheer the Orpheus team up, Endou found out that Natsumi is the new manager of the Little Gigant team.


Inazuma Japan hurries to the match of Orpheus Vs. Little Gigant to see if Fideo's team has won. Though when they reached the match it already ended and it had a surprising score... it was 0-8 and Orpheus lost and hadn't score a single goal to which the Inazuma Japan members could not believe. Then after the match, Endou went inside the room of the Orpheus seeing them badly beaten with bruises. Also all of the members seemed to be down at spirits. He sees that Hidetoshi Nakata was comforting them to which Endou comforted them also. Fideo stated out the match was a hard match. Firstly he stated that the goalkeeper of Little Gigant did not even use a hissatsu to block the hissatsu of Raffaele. Then Fideo stated out that he wants to fight Endou in the finals no matter what so even though Fideo was tired he tried getting a goal by using Odin Sword but the goalkeeper just blocks it even without a hissatsu. After that Fideo states that he doesn't have the right to become the captain of Orpheus and wanted to give back the position to Nakata but Nakata stated that he should keep the position. Though even with Endou comforting, Orpheus was still depressed with their loss. The next day, Endou sees Natsumi in Liocott Airport and is surprised that Natsumi is now a manager of Little Gigant.

Hissatsu used


[Raimon Natsumi] My heart is telling me, "It's not over yet".