Attack! The Ultimate Enhanced Human! (襲撃(しゅうげき)究極(きゅうきょく)強化(きょうか)人間(にんげん)!!, Shūgeki! Kyūkyoku no Kyōka Ningen!!) is the 117th episode of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


Suddenly, a mysterious group attacks the Cotarl's area on Liocott island. Little Gigant and Inazuma Japan rushes off to help and is surprised to see that Garshield is there and he brought his own soccer team! Then Endou finds out that the coach of Little Gigant, Mr. Araya is actually his grandfather, Endou Daisuke! Then Garshield challenges Inazuma Japan to a match. What will they do?

Hissatsu used


[Tsunami Jousuke] You don't make idealism into reality by experimenting on others, but through your own efforts!


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