The Fearsome Team Garshield! (恐怖(きょうふ)のチームガルシルド!, Kyōfu no Chīmu Garushirudo!) is the 118th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Endou Mamoru is not able to block the Garshield's enhanced human team attacks with his 真 Ijigen The Hand and his teammates are working hard in the field to make the goal. On the other side Endou Daisuke, Rococo, Natsumi and others are hoping that the team will be able to show something to the enemy. Natsumi is calmly observing Team Garshield's weaknesses and making strategies in her mind as Daisuke advised her. Inazuma Japan is not able to put the ball into the goal even with their new hissatsu tactics Dual Typhoon, as the goalkeeper of Team Garshield blocks Toramaru's Gladius Arch, after which team Garshield's captain goes for the goal. Now all eyes were focused on Endou if he will he be able to block the shoot, just at that time Daisuke shouts these words to Endou "GAN SHAN DWAN". Endou starts thinking about the words
Incomplete God Catch IE 118 HQ

Incomplete God Catch.

after which he gets the point to gather energy and suddenly unleashes the power inside him, tried to stop the coming shoot. But the new move was less powerful to stop the ball as it goes straight into the goal, after which the first half ends. Now all the players gathers and Endou Daisuke tells them the strategy that Natsumi made during the first half. All the players were shocked when they heard the strategy, according to that Tobitaka and Kabeyama will go as forwards and the forwards Gouenji and Toramaru will be midfielders, Fudou and Kazemaru will go as defenders. Because leaving physical abilities Team Garshield have a weakness that their forwards acts as forwards, midfielders plays as midfielder and defenders do the work of defenders. As their complete separation of roles there defenders lack the abilities of a midfielder to keep the ball and or bringing it up to front. To break through that mixing up defenders and midfielders is important. So, according to the strategy as the second half started players went to their positions. They scored with Tiger Storm, The Hurricane and Grand Fire G2 respectively.

Hissatsu/Tactics used




[Endou Daisuke] If you start thinking you're perfect, than your evolution will stop, and than and invisible gap will appear before you!


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