Strongest Rival ! (最強(さいきょう)のライバル!, Saikyō no Raibaru! ) is the 119th episode of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


Rococo Urupa's past was finally revealed as he tells his story to Endou. Endou is still practicing to find the key to the new hissatsu. Gouenji and Toramaru try a new hissatsu too and Rococo shows Endou he has the same hissatsu like him! God Hand.

Endou got surprised! Rococo's hissatsu is stronger than his. Will Endou give up? Will he find the key of the hissatsu in this episode?


Daisuke, for the first time, has a long and sincere talk with his grandson Endou. They talk for some time, about how Endou always wanted to meet his grandfather. Daisuke also mentions the strength of Rococo Urupa, and how Inazuma Japan is no match for Little Gigant in its current state. But Endou responds with positivity, and both had a great night together.

The next day, Natsumi returns to Inazuma Japan as a manager. Fudou was reluctant to accept her at first, knowing that she switches sides easily. However, Endou and the rest of the team welcomes her back as a manager. They then begin practice, and Toramaru and Gouenji trying a new hissatsu that is better than Tiger Storm

After practice ends, Natsumi and Endou find Rococo on the beach doing tire practice with a tire hanging from a palm tree. The two take turns stopping the tire, and understand the strength of each other. While they are training with the tire, Rococo reveals his past. 

When Rococo was eight, he was on the soccer team that Daisuke coached. He was the weakest on the team, but Daisuke encouraged him, and began tire training for Rococo, who became a goalkeeper. At first, it was hard, but eventually, he becomes very skilled at his position, rising to where he is now. Daisuke also reveals to Rococo that he was chosen for goalkeeper because of his eyes, always showing a love for soccer.

As they continue tire practice, Rococo spins the tire, and is able to catch the tire by noting its rotation. But as Endou tries it, the rope holding the tire breaks, and it flies toward Natsumi. Both boys dart in front of the tire, and Endou does God Hand as Rococo does God Hand X to catch it before it can hurt Natsumi.

In the end, Endou and Rococo know more about each other, and are excited for the match between Little Gigant and Inazuma Japan.

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[Endou Daisuke] Only those who continue working hard can become that small handful of real players!


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