Inazuma Japan the Last Battle (イナズマジャパン 最後(さいご)(たたか)い!, Inazuma Japan Saigo no Tatakai!) is the 122nd episode of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


Windy breaking Route of Sky IE 122 HQ

Windy breaking Route of Sky.

Everyone is persevered at training but will it be enough to defeat their last match with Little Gigant. The match against Little Gigant starts and Gouenji quickly uses Shin Bakunetsu Screw in order to score a goal, but the technique is easily stopped by God Hand X. Little Gigant then attacks, with Drago Hill using Double Jaw and breaking through an incomplete God Catch making the score 1-0.


Everyone in Inazuma Japan started to train more and more for their upcoming match since that match is the final one. The managers cooked some food for the others, and Hibiki talked to Kudou and stated that he entrusted the team to him.

Afterwards, Natsumi and Endou talked. Afterwards, Endou stated that he looked forward to the match, much to Natsumi's surprise.

Then, the first half later started. With this, Inazuma Japan tried to shoot by using Bakunetsu Screw but failed to score a goal. Afterwards, they tried to use Route of Sky but it was broken through also. Then, shockingly, Little Gigant used their tactic and afterwards scored a goal.

Natsumi then stated that God Catch was still incomplete.

Hissatsu/Tactics used




[Kudou Michiya] The sentiments of our friends who couldn't stand on the pitch are embedded in everyone's chests!



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