The Finals! Little Gigant! Part 2! (頂上(ちょうじょう)決戦(けっせん)!!リトルギガント・後編(こうへん), Choujou Kessen!! Ritorugiganto・Kouhen) is the 124th episode of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


As the second half begins, the coach of Little Gigant, Endou Daisuke is making changes and puts Rococo on the field! What could this mean to Inazuma Japan? Will they be able to win the game through this second half? As the match continues both teams show off hissatsu that has never been used in the matches! Will the new hissatsu of Inazuma Japan pull through the second half and win this match?


Second Half

Kidou steals the ball from Little Gigant and passes it on to Gouenji, Toramaru and Hiroto. They use the Grand Fire G2 to make a goal but at the same time the new goalkeeper of Little Gigant uses God Hand X 改 and stops it quite easily. Both Inazuma Japan and Little Gigant continuously attack. As the match goes on both the teams are evolving and new hissatsu are being seen continuously. Rococo again has the ball and he uses X Blast once more but this time Endou was able to stop it with his evolved God Catch. Finally Inazuma Japan is able to tie the score with Big Bang crushing 真 God Hand X. Rococo is again moved to the goalkeeper's position. He was also able to stop Big Bang with his new hissatsu Tamashii The Hand. Then the match continues and at the end of the episode, Rococo has attempted yet another goal with his X Blast V2.

Hissatsu used


[Rococo Urupa] Someone who can help you grow through competing with them, that's what a rival is!


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