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Truth at Last! The Best in the World! (ついに決着(けっちゃく)世界(せかい)(いち)!! Tsuini kecchaku! sekai ichi!!) is the 125th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


The match continues to rage on! Who will win? Inazuma Japan or Little Gigant?! Only the team that scores the most will win!


Rococo goes back as goalkeeper and both teams are on the rage on winning the FFI! Endou catches Rococo's X Blast V3 with his evolved God Catch G3. The match starts and both teams are doing there best Rococo stops any shoot, even though Endou stops any shoot, but Little Gigant is more flexible. Finally the ball gets to Inazuma Japan. Coach Kudou tells Inazuma Japan his last command. He told them to enjoy themselves and Inazuma Japan understood what coach Kudou said so they started trying to enjoy the match. Endou encourages them and cheers his team on.

When Fubuki finally manages to kick the ball away from Little Gigant, just as the ball is about to leave the boundaries, Endou steps up, intending to shoot. His entire team all call out "captain" or "Endou" to give him courage and strength. Then, Endou, Gouenji, and Toramaru do their new hissatsu: Jet Stream, sending the ball flying towards the goal. Rococo responds with Tamashii the Hand as his team all calls out "Rococo," placing trust in their goalkeeper to catch the ball. The shoot, however, is too strong for Rococo, and enters the goal. The game ends immediately after.

For a few seconds, the whole stadium is quiet. Inazuma Japan looks at one another in disbelief and shock, then yells out in happiness as the realization comes to them: they won the FFI, and are now on the top of the world of soccer! While Little Gigant is disappointed that they lost the game, Daisuke praises them for their hard work and such a great game, and the team ends up feeling satisfied. Before Fideo and Rococo leave Liocott Island and return to their countries, Endou talks to them in the airport and bids them farewell, hoping to see and play with them again.

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[Endou Mamoru] There's no end in soccer!