The Tearful Graduation Ceremony! ((なみだ)(そつ)業式(ぎょうしき)!, Namida no sotsu gyoushiki!) is the 126th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


All of the members of Inazuma Japan head home after their victory in the FFI. After being back at Raimon for some time (it seems as though a year has passed), everyone is getting ready for the graduation ceremony. During the ceremony, when Endou is up onstage accepting his certificate, he spies everyone on his team sniffling and crying for him, making it a tearful graduation.

Following the ceremony, a match is held between the original Raimon Eleven and the other members of Raimon that joined along the way. Some who joined in the Aliea Gakuen arc, like Tsunami and Fubuki are present, while the others joined before that, like Kidou and Ichinose. Toramaru is also present, despite not ever appearing on Raimon during the series, but only the Inazuma Japan team. Later when they are about to start the Teikoku Gakuen bus appears. Everyone is quite worried, but it is just Fudou, Genda, Sakuma and the rest of the team who came to watch.

Major events

  • Most of the Raimon members are graduating.
  • Toramaru becomes the new ace striker for Raimon.
  • Kurimatsu becomes the new captain of Raimon.


[Kino Aki] What we've all established and what gets carried on will become a part of history.



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