Epsilon emblem

Epsilon (イプシロン, Ipushiron) is the first rank team of Aliea Gakuen. Their captain is Desarm.


Inazuma Eleven 2 - Blizzard ( AP Patched )(EN) 09 18519

Epsilon's first appearance in the game.

The male team jerseys are red jumpsuits with dark gray streaks on sleeves and chest, going the way down to the knees and they wear a light gray belt around the waist. Their cleats are red with a dark grey toe cap. The sphere for the guys are in the middle of the chest, and for the girls it is smaller and located higher. The blue sphere is surrounded by four, blue streaks. Female jersey is very similar but jumpsuits going all the way down to the feet. The goalkeeper uniform is dark gray instead of red, streaks are light purple and has long sleeves and gloves. Captain's band is light purple.


Epsilon made their debut after the match of Gemini Storm against Raimon, where they "expelled" Reize and his teammates. In the next episode they had a match against Manyuuji's team, where they won after some minutes. Epsilon then confronted Raimon, where their captain, Desarm, said that they would win in three minutes, which later becames reality.


Epsilon's game formation

Epsilon (game) formation.

  1. Saginuma Osamu (Desarm) (GK/captain)
  2. Hiruma Kenichi (Kenvil) (DF)
  3. Morino Rumi (Moll) (DF)
  4. Murata Keisuke (Kayson) (DF)
  5. Tanba Taiji (Titan) (DF)
  6. Hatou Torahiko (Fadora) (MF)
  7. Kuri Fuuko (Crypto) (MF)
  8. Mureta Hachirou (Swarm) (MF)
  9. Sumeragi Maki (Maquia) (FW)
  10. Mutou Satoshi (Metron) (FW)
  11. Segata Ryuuichirou (Zel) (FW)


  • In astronomy, Epsilon is the name for Uranus' most distant and most visible ring.
  • Epsilon is also the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet (Ε ε).
  • They made another comeback, in which their team is called Epsilon Kai that time.


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