Eternal Blizzard (エターナルブリザード, Etānaru Burizādo) is a shoot hissatsu technique.

Game description

Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha

  • "An absurdly destructive shot that freezes everything in its path!"


Inazuma Eleven Strikers
Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme
Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013
Inazuma Eleven AC: Dream Battle
Inazuma Eleven AC: All Stars
Inazuma Eleven SD


Inazuma Eleven

It was used many times in season 2. It was first used by Atsuya in episode 32. It broke through Endou's God Hand but was barely stopped by the combined efforts of Touko's The Tower, Kabeyama's The Wall and Endou's Majin The Hand. It was used again in the match against Gemini Storm and broke through Black Hole.

In the match against Epsilon it was stopped by Desarm's Wormhole though it broke through later but again, it was stopped by Desarm's new hissatsu, Drill Smasher.

It was used again in the first match against the The Genesis, but this time used by Shirou, however it was easily stopped by Nero without using any effort. It reappeared again in the second match against The Genesis, but was again stopped by Nero's Procyon Net.

Inazuma Eleven GO

It appeared in the GO movie and created a chain shoot with Kidou's, Kazemaru's and Fudou's Koutei Penguin 2gou to release Aoi from the cell.


Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!

  • Technique shop in England, 3200 nekketsu points

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

  • Technique shop in Abookle Street (アブックルストリート) on Sazanaara, 920P


The user jumps up a little, lifting the ball up with them. While up in the air, the user spins around, using their foot to lightly spin the ball, coating it in a blue aura and snow being pulled in it. After the user lands, the ball rises up higher and is covered in ice, pulling in more snow. The user then jumps up after the ball and spins around twice, tilting their body to the side and kicking the ball. As the ball travels, it leaves a trail of snow and large pieces of snowflakes form and quickly disappears.







Inazuma Eleven - Eternal Blizzard-0



Inazuma eleven 3 Challenge to the world - Eternal Blizzard

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone


Inazuma Eleven Go 2 Chrono Stone Hissatsu Eternal Blizzard

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


Eternal Blizzard - Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013


IE Go! Strikers 2013 - Eternal Blizzard

Inazuma Eleven Online


Inazuma Eleven 3(イナズマイレブンオンライン) Online -Eternal Blizzard(Atsuya ver)(エターナルブリザード)

Inazuma Eleven AC


Fubuki Shirou's Eternal Blizzard


  • This technique is originally used by Fubuki Atsuya. Fubuki usually uses this move while having Atsuya's personality.
    • However, in the movie, Fubuki's hair changed but not his eye color.
  • The strength of this technique in Inazuma Eleven GO was listed as "B" in "Inazuma Eleven GO Shine/Dark: Nekketsu Official Guidebook Kyuukyoku-ban".
  • In the Revival of the Bonds Drama CD, Fubuki used Eternal Blizzard as a catch hissatsu. Although whether he actually did it, or just did it to sound cooler is quite ambiguous.
  • Eternal Blizzard was obtainable by codes in the European version of Inazuma Eleven.
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