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Eternal Dancers emblem

Eternal Dancers (エターナルダンサーズ, Etānaru Dansāzu) is the representative team for Uzbekistan in the Football Frontier International in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin. They are the third team Inazuma Japan face.


Eternal Dancers formation

Eternal Dancers' formation.

Uzbekistan relies mostly on one ability. Eternal Dancers are being known for having an "infinte stamina" and physical capacities above the usual. Therefore, they can take advantage simply by playing rough if the opponent team is not well-organised tactically. But this acts as a double-edged sword. Their stamina is higher than usual but it is not really infinite, so they could finish a match tired like any other team if the team is well-organised against that fact. Also they have issues to adapt themselves if the events are against them.


The uniform is a white shirt with blue stripes in the center and dark blue triangular designs on the hems of the sleeves. The emblem is blue and white (shown above) and is on the top right corner of the shirt. The collar and their shorts are dark blue as well. They have white socks with a dark blue stripe on the very top. The cleats are solid dark blue. The captain's band is red. The goalkeeper's uniform is mostly light green with darker olive green sleeves. His socks are also olive green with a lighter green hem.


  1. Alek Akbar (GK)
  2. Ibrohim Abi (DF)
  3. Muhammad Hawk (DF)
  4. Majid Azel (DF)
  5. Zafar Gin (DF)
  6. Kumush Ize (MF)
  7. Sarybek Nahar (MF)
  8. Farhad Gilik (MF)
  9. Mo'habbot Zark (MF)
  10. Onakhon Ims (MF/captain)
  11. Dost Gales (FW)
  12. Norkul Bugen (FW)
  13. Keldi Rozel (MF)

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