Eva Gordon (エヴァ・ゴードン, Eva Gōdon) is the head coach for Arab no Hinotori Gundan.


Eva has light skin and is tall in height, with a muscular build and an hourglass figure. She wears a maroon suit and a white shirt underneath her blazer. She has wavy, black hair that goes down to her hips and wears two feathers in her hair, blue above and pink below. She has red eyes with red markings below them and wears blue eyeshadow.


Eva has very strong personality, she is confident and believes in her team, she knows what they can afford.


Before the match against Inazuma Japan started, Eva was seen giving the team the last instructions. When the trainer Flash Haniwa stated that they didn't use half of their real power yet, Eva stood up and called to them with a strong loud voice to make their flames burn higher. She looked proud, imperious and full of authority. She warmed up the team for further fight, knowing that they could win. Saudi Arabia started to attack in the air and passed the ball from lofty positions. Immediately they used their hissatsu tactic Driblaze against Inazuma Japan players. Despite their efforts, they didn't manage to defeat Japan and lost with score 0-2.



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