Fabio Esteve (ファビオ・エステベ, Fabio Esutebe) is a midfielder for Muteki no Giant in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


Fabio is quite tall, he has brown shoulder-length hair, eyes with small blue pupils, oblong face and fair skin tone.


Fabio appeared at the airport when Spanish team Muteki no Giant came to Russia for the Football Frontier International tournament. They met Inazuma Japan and American Star Unicorn and later everyone was warmly welcomed by captain of the Russian team Perfect Spark, Froy Girikanan. Fabio met again with Inazuma Japan at the restaurant in Kazan where Clario Orvan, Endou Mamoru and Nishikage Seiya were participating in the eating contest. During the match against Japan, when Reinaldo Baraja was hit by Clario's Diamond Ray, Fabio replaced him and entered the field. Later Fudou Akio effectively stopped him and blocked when Japan's players were passing the ball using their new tactic triangle passes.

When the match resumed after Japan scored the second goal, Bergamo Regult and Luther Fandam shot with new technique Twin Lancer. Thanks to this Spain took the lead with 3 points. Later Inazuma Japan counterattacked using Gouenji Shuuya's Last Resort however Clario, along with Rufino Avalos and Domelgo Dominguez blocked it with The Shelter. At the end of the match Japan used another different strategy when Inamori Asuto rushed through the field, passing all players on his way, including the goalkeeper Alonso Fibiano. As a result, Japan tied with Spain 3-3 and the match soon ended.

It was shown later that Russia defeated Spain with a score 6-0. Muteki no Giant won the next match against America with the result of 2-1, which helped Japan advance to the finals.


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