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Farhad Gilik (ファルハド・ギリク, Faruhado Giriku) is a midfielder of Eternal Dancers.


Farhad Gilik is tall in height, with a muscular build and fair skin tone. He has small yellow eyes with pink markings around them. He has messy, bluish-purple hair with curved sideburns.


When the match against Inazuma Japan started, Onakhon Ims immediately stole the ball and kicked it to Farhad. He and his teammates Sarybek Nahar and Mo'habbot Zark were running and kept passing the ball between them. Sarybek called them Rampagin Triple Stars. They easily got through the Japan defense and passed the ball to Dost Gales who scored the first goal for Uzbekistan. In the second half of the match Nosaka Yuuma initiated the tactic Ouja no Takuto to break Uzbekistan's defense. Fahrad tried to steal the ball from him but Nosaka kicked it directly to Haizaki Ryouhei and Kira Hiroto and they scored their first goal for Japan. After Inazuma Japan managed to tie, Farhad was looking at Nosaka with other teammates. They agreed that Nosaka was the main target and they would crush the other members one by one. After Eternal Dancers started to play rough, Japan initiated their new tactic Grid Omega ver2.0, after which no one from Uzbekistan was able to move. Later he blocked Hiroto, when Haizaki wanted to pass him the ball, after being surrounded by the defenders of Uzbekistan. At the end of the match Inazuma Japan won with a score 4-2.