This article is about the Fire Dragon of the original Inazuma Eleven series, for the Fire Dragon team of Inazuma Eleven GO, visit Fire Dragon (GO).

Fire Dragon emblem

Fire Dragon (ファイアードラゴン, Faiā Doragon) is South Korea's national team. In the finals of the preliminaries, they lost to Inazuma Japan with 4-3.


The team jersey is a white-collared red T-shirt with white linings on the edges of the sleeves. There is a small red-colored section to the collar. The shorts are white and the socks are red. The goalkeeper wears a gray, long-sleeved shirt with dark gray sleeves, followed by dark blue pants, socks being black. Choi Chang Soo assumes the captain's band, which is light blue.


  1. Jo Jung-Soo (GK)
  2. Hwan Woo-Myang (DF)
  3. Hong Doo-Yoon (DF)
  4. Cho Myong-Ho (DF)
  5. Ko Seong-Hwan (DF)
  6. Park Baek-Yeon (MF)
  7. Choi Chang Soo (MF/captain)
  8. Kim Eun-Young (MF)
  9. Afuro Terumi (FW/MF)
  10. Nagumo Haruya (FW)
  11. Suzuno Fuusuke (FW)
  12. Ho Ji-Nan (GK)
  13. Seol Hyeon-Dae (DF)
  14. Lee Cheong-Yun (MF)
  15. Cha Jeon-Won (MF)
  16. No Seong-Jun (FW)

Hissatsu tactics


Fire Dragon VS Inazuma Japan

It was the toughest battle Inazuma Japan faced so far. At first Japan were stumped by Korea's hissatsu tactics (Perfect Zone Press) but Kidou was able to figure out its weakness and created Inazuma Japan's first hissatsu tactic in Route of Sky. Gouenji couldn't complete it due to him thinking about his dad but he saw him and was able to do Tiger Storm with Toramaru which help Japan secure the victory. Inazuma Japan's victory was due to Endou's Ikari no Tettsui, when Endou came back in the second half having been striped of the captaincy in the first. In the end, Inazuma Japan won.



  • Before the match, Inazuma Japan paid more attention to the forwards, who are Aphrodi, Nagumo, Suzuno. Although, Megane told them to be aware of Choi Chang Soo instead as he's known as one of the greatest playmakers.
  • In Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!! The Ogre, before the match against Inazuma Japan, the three forwards saw themselves in the past (Aphrodi in Zeus, Nagumo as Burn in Prominence and Suzuno as Gazel in Diamond Dust). This was because Ogre wanted them to become evil again in order to defeat Endou Mamoru. However, it didn't work against them.


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