The Football Frontier

The Football Frontier (フットボールフロンティア, Futtobōru Furontia) is the international governing body of football that is responsible for the Football Frontier matches around the world. They are also responsible for holding the Football Frontier International on Liocott Island. In Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin, the Football Frontier is held once again.

Inazuma Eleven

Garshield Bayhan has been mentioned as being the president of the organization and supported the FFI to be on an island that had been prepared especially for the world tournament by Garshield himself.

Raimon Souichirou and Kageyama Reiji have been also mentioned to be related to the association in a particular way.

Additionally, the commentator of the matches is Kakuma Oushou.

Region preliminaries


Football Frontier Preliminaries Draw

The draw for the Football Frontier preliminaries

  • Teikoku Gakuen
  • Kofun (古墳; dub: Monument)
  • Ryuuguu (竜宮; dub: Shun)
  • Biyuutei (美夕帝; dub: Empress)
  • Hokutosei Gakuen (北斗星学園; dub: Polaris)
  • Takarajima Gakuen (宝島学園; dub: Bounty)
  • Ooedo (大江戸; dub: Historic)
  • Intel (印照; dub: Beacon)
  • Occult
  • Bousou Gakuen (暴走学園)
  • Shuuyou Meito Gakuen
  • Raimon
  • Nose
  • Mikage Sennou


Main Tournament

The FF trophy IE 27 HQ

The Football Frontier trophy.

Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin

FF (Ares Logo)
FF Ares stadium

The Football Frontier stadium in Ares no Tenbin.

FF Ares stadium 2

The format of the Football Frontier in Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin is different. Teams are sorted into blocks of 16. Each team plays 6 matches against teams in their block, each match being against a different team. The 6 opponents for a team are randomly generated. The top two teams in each block advance past the qualifiers. If two teams are tied in terms of wins and losses, the difference is determined by how many goals have been scored by each team.

Participating teams

Kantō region Block A

Hokkaidō region

Unknown region

Round of 32

A Tournament

  • Outei Tsukinomiya
  • Seishou Gakuen

B Tournament

  • Eisei Gakuen
  • Inakuni Raimon
  • Hakuren
  • Tonegawa Tousen
  • Zeus

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin

Sometime after Japan wins the Football Frontier International, the Football Frontier Autumn Tournament is held.

FF Autumn Tournament

Autumn Tournament in Orion no Kokuin.

Round of 32


  • On a Football Frontier poster in Raimon's soccer club, it has "Confrontation of Fate, 16 Pairs of Strong Teams" written on it.
  • Strangely, the trophy in the game is golden in color FF Trophy Game while the trophy in the anime is silver.
  • In the American dubs, this is known as the Soccer Frontier.
  • Strangely, during the opening scene of the Football Frontier main tournament in episode 14, some teams from the Inazuma Eleven GO series were visible. Even stranger, some characters from GO were recognizable like Urano Tenshou or Sata Tosamaru.


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