The Football Frontier International Vision 2 (フットボールフロンティア・インターナショナルV2, FFIV2), also known as the Grand Celesta Galaxy A Block Preliminaries (グランドセレスタギャラクシー銀河変球 Aブロック予選), is a new worldwide soccer tournament that decides the best youth soccer team in the world. It is the equivalent to the original series' soccer tournament, the Football Frontier International.


FFIV2 Asia Tournament Table Galaxy 8 HQ

FFIV2 Asia prelims tournament table.

The Football Frontier International Vision 2 was first mentioned by Kino Aki in episode 51. She said it would start soon, and added that girls can also take part in the tournament, which surprised Matsukaze Tenma and Nishizono Shinsuke, though this made Sorano Aoi happy.

The FFIV2 was mentioned again in Galaxy's first episode. As said by Kakuma Oushou, hissatsu which require Keshin can't be used anymore, as well as Keshin so players can show their true strength. In the audience, Sangoku Taichi stated both Keshin and Armed were banned, and Mixi Maxes too. Also, Gouenji Shuuya said this brand new rule is an idea of Kuroiwa Ryuusei.

The truth

FFIV2 was in reality merely a fake tournament created by Kuroiwa Ryuusei. The teams Inazuma Japan had faced in the tournament were not teams composed of human players, but rather of aliens that came from space with human appearances in the tournament. FFIV2 was a test for Inazuma Japan to see if they would be strong enough to compete in a much more important tournament, the Grand Celesta Galaxy, which would be held far away in space. It would decide Earth's fate which was why Kuroiwa made the Inazuma Japan team, to compete in that tournament.

Participating teams

Asia preliminaries


Asia preliminaries

Round of 32

Round of 16

Quarter finals


  • Inazuma Japan Vs. Mach Tiger (3-2)
  • Storm Wolf Vs. United Arab Emirates


  • Inazuma Japan Vs. Storm Wolf (5-4)


  • All teams in the anime show paranormal signs that they are aliens at the end of the match against Inazuma Japan except for Shamshir.
  • Inazuma Japan is the only team that is not made up of alien players.

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