Gabriella Amati (ガブリエラ・アマティ, Gaburiera Amati) is the goalkeeper for Guardians of Queen.


Gabriella like the others belonging to Guardians of Queen debuted during episode 44. She was initially seen when Norika assesses her exclaiming that like herself she is also a female Goalkeeper, accompanying it with a statement exclaiming that she refused to lose. Later in the episode Gabriella attempts to save Koutei Penguin 2gou feat. Shark utilising her hissatsu (Shinjitsu no Ooguchi) on the first of three occasions. However she fails to save the ball despite her enhanced abilities. Petronio proceeds to intercept the ball using his body to obstruct the balls trajectory the score remaining 1-0 in Guardians of Queen's favour. Gabriella and Petronio are briefly seen in the immediate aftermath of the play lain on floor beside one another evidently suffering as a consequence of the strain the supporters exert on there users, despite the game being in its earlier stages. It's also one of the first visible indicators for Japan that the supporters inflict some form of physical injury on there users, contributing to there suspicions. Gabriella is seen on a final occasion during the episode appearing in the dugout during the games temporary suspension due to the rain alongside the others on the team. Also like the others belonging to the team they demonstrate that she is evidently suffering as a result of the prolonged use of the supporters.

Gabriella's first appearance in episode 45 is very much like her first in the prior episode, revolving around Norika making a comment in relation to Gabriella (is she going to be ok?) accompanied by the camera panning over and briefly focusing on Gabriella, although the attention paid to Gabriella is only brief it demonstrates that like previously she continues to struggle with the prolonged use of the supporters. Later in the episode like the others present on the field she is seen removing her supporters following being given Petronio's approval, the team being under the impression the removal of the supporters was at the will and instruction of Mistress Irina. However she wasn't formally seen removing the supporters implying there's no certainty whether she was reluctant or hesitant in doing so or removed the supporters unconditionally. She's simply seen collectively with the team accumulating the supporters in to a pile and in the immediate aftermath of removing them. Both teams continue to play, however the single difference is it is without the intervention of Orion. Norika accompanied by two others (Asuto and Aphrodi) proceed to utilise Hokkyoku Guma 2gou. Gabriella attempts to save the shot utilising her hissatsu on a second occasion with great difficulty failing to save the shot causing the score to become 3-1. The score remaining in the favour of Guardians of Queen. Gabriella features crouched on the ground in response to the goal presumably expressing disappointment for failing to save the shot. Norika approaches Gabriella the two partake in a brief conversation, Norika helping Gabriella to her feet in doing so. The conversation appears to reassure Gabriella seeming to become positive. Concluding the conversation by exclaiming that like Norika she refuses to lose (yeah! I won't lose).

Half time is announced. Gabriella is seen alongside the others on the team agreeing with Petronio that the team will demonstrate that they'll be triumphant in the absence of the supporters and Orion's intervention. Gabriella like her fellow team mates were surprised when Irina appears announcing that she will be replacing the coach, announcing that Vladimir will act as the existing coaches successor. Vladimir announces that the team will revert to using the supporters, the team again seem surprised at the notion still believing that it was the will of Irina for the team to remove them initially. This is accompanied by Petornio announcing that removing the supporters was a decision of his own making heightening Gabriella and the wider teams existing surprise. Gabriella and the others belonging to the team return to wearing the supporters despite there dismay and reluctance.

The second half begins. The substitutes present on the bench reveal that Vladimir is controlling the supporters remotely at maximum output. Asuto proceeds to utilise a new shot hissatsu (Sunrise Blitz). In response to the shot the camera briefly focuses on Gabriella her supporters appearing to cause her some form of pain or discomfort. Despite a number of interjections and requests from those on both the field and bench for both Vladimir to cease his actions and for Gabriella simply to stop and not save the ball. She attempts to save the shot utilising her hissatsu on a third and final occasion successfully saving the shot taring the sleeves of her shirt during the process. She's briefly seen in the aftermath of the shot clenching the ball crouched slightly exhibiting some form of fatigue and pain. Although She isn't seen collapsing the camera transitions to Gabriella being placed on a stretcher with players from both team gathered around her. She's removed from the field for treatment being unable to continue. Guardians of Queen proceed to replace her with the teams reserve Goalkeeper Racerit Spot, replacing her for the remainder of the fixture.

Gabriella doesn't feature or return for the remainder of the fixture implying her status is therefore unknown. However like the majority of the FFI participants she features in episode 47 alongside the other members of Guardians of Queen for the FFI final between Japan's representatives Inazuma Japan who Guardians of Queen failed to defeat in the tournaments previous round and Russia's representative team Perfect Spark. It can be implied that Gabriella's recovered to the extent where she can both walk sufficiently and attend public events. In the following episode (episode 48) when Zhao Jinyun announces that he'll create a team of the same name composed of the world's players, Gabriella doesn't exhibit an interest in playing when the camera focuses on Guardians of Queen through the medium of raising her hand unlike various others on the team such as Alice, Pietro and Petronio. This may imply she hasn't fully recovered or simply lacks interest. However due to the stakes of the fixture and the attitude of her peers the earlier is more probable. In the concluding episode of Orion (episode 49) following Zhao Jinyun's victory over Shadow of Orion like the others belonging to Guardians of Queen Gabriella isn't featured aiding the other FFI participants preventing the ceiling of the stadium falling which may confirm the theory.





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