Galaxy Nauts Gou

The Galaxy Nauts Gou (ギャラクシー・ノーツ(ごう), Gyarakushī Nōtsu Gou; dub: Orion Express) is an intergalactic train that Earth Eleven uses to travel space to play in the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament. It debuts in episode 19 of Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy.


In episode 19, when Earth Eleven was about to depart to Sandorius, the dormitories and the meeting centre of Odaiba Soccer Garden combined and formed Galaxy Nauts Gou, which will transport Earth Eleven to different planets.

In episode 20, Earth Eleven was eating within the vehicle that their auntie made. When they made themselves ready for the warp, Tetsukado Shin noticed that the door was moving and asked who there was. With no response, the members were searching and were afraid that it might be a space monster. After finding the hider, who was Nishizono Shinsuke, he was finally accepted to be a member of Earth Eleven by Kuroiwa Ryuusei. With Shinsuke joining them, the warp began and ended very quickly, making the members feeling not very well. Seeing Sandorius in sight, Bitway Ozrock appeared as a hologram and informed them about the planet. After that, the Galaxy Nauts Gou arrived and stopped at the Sandorius Station.