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Genba Kouji (玄場(げんば) 幸治(こうじ)) is a midfielder for Tonegawa Tousen.


He has a big body and slightly tanned skin. He has short, black hair which forms a mini-pompadour and big eyes with small, black pupils.


Genba was at the football ceremonial entry for the nationals of the Football Frontier along with his teammates.

During Tonegawa Tousen's match against Inakuni Raimon, after Endou fails to use Fuujin Raijin to stop Goujin's new hissatsu, Backdraft, he tries to stop the shoot with his face. However, the shot was too powerful and he let in the 1-1, getting injured in the process. He received treatment outside the field, but refused to get substituted. However, when Tanukigahara Ponko showed up, he did get substituted. In the end, Tonegawa Tousen lost to Inakuni Raimon with a 2-1 score.



  • Like the majority of the people present on the team, their dub names makes reference to some form of tradesman and a tool required to perform the task. Genba's surname 'Mason' (in accordance with the Oxford English dictionary) refers to an individual who's skilled in cutting, dressing, and laying stone in buildings.