God Eden (ゴッドエデン, Goddo Eden) is the main setting of the Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie: The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon, and later an important location in Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone. It is said to be an island where Fifth Sector trains SEEDs.


God Eden is a remote island where Fifth Sector trains players to become SEEDs. There is a tall tower in the center of the island, which serves as the main training facility. In the movie, it is revealed that a great number of players were imprisoned there and are forced to undergo grueling training. This was the reason Endou and the others went there.


Raimon (GO) Vs. Unlimited Shining (in the movie)

God Eden's stadium

God Eden's stadium.

Raimon played a match against Unlimited Shining. During the match, Hakuryuu was the only player from Unlimited Shining to really do anything in the field. However, despite this, Raimon lost by 12-0, with Unlimited Shining scoring 5 goals in the first half, and 7 more in the second. Raimon's players were heavily injured as a result of this match.

Raimon (GO) Vs. Zero (in the movie)

In the movie, Raimon played against Zero, the combined team of Unlimited Shining and Ancient Dark. Endou, Fubuki, Kidou, Fudou, Kazemaru and Kabeyama also took part in the match, which ended in a tie of 5-5.

Raimon (Chrono Stone) Vs. Team A5

In episode 7, Raimon began a Soccer Battle against Team A5, the special force team of Alpha. They were on the verge of losing until Shuu intervened and stopped Team A5 from scoring the second goal, which would have won them the battle.


  • Tsurugi calls this place hell, most likely because he had himself trained to become a SEED at some point.
  • This is the place where Endou is seen standing at the end of episode 32.
    • Also, according to him, only the best SEEDs came to finish their training in this island.
  • According to Gouenji in episode 7, after the match between Raimon and Zero, he closed God Eden.
  • In Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone, Raimon plays the first match against Team A5 outside of the God Eden stadium and the second match in it, while the opposite happens in the anime.
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