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Grease Rouse (グリース・ラウズ, Gurīsu Rauzu) is a Disciple of Orion trainee.


Grease is average in height, well built. He has short dove-grey hair, thick eyebrows in the same color, small purple eyes and a black tattoo on his left cheek in the shape of a cross.


When he is first shown, Grease is a bully who taunts his victims about their soccer skills, strength, fighting ability, or age, especially towards Malik Kuabel.


Grease appeared along with his teammates in the Disciple of Orion training facility. He mocked Malik Kuabel after he was resting with Inamori Asuto after their friendly play. Grease began to make fun of Malik's age, stating that he would never be equal to their skills. He derided that he had the favor of Froy Girikanan with him and that's why Malik started to slack off. Grease threatened Malik and tried to scare him, when Malik suggested a soccer fight. Grease agreed for that, amused and deeply confident of his winning. Before they started, he warned the duo that they shouldn't mind if something happened to them. As it turned out later, Malik and Asuto beat them without a problem and finally Grease admitted that they were better than him and he accepted his defeat.