Grid Omega version 2.0 (グリッドオメガver(バージョン)2.0, Guriddo Omega Bājon Ni-ten-Zero) is an offensive hissatsu tactic.




Grid Omega version 2.0 was created by Nosaka Yuuma when he was still recovering from his surgery. He called Kazemaru Ichirouta to start training on a tactic called Spinning Wind, to prepare on using this tactic. It was first used during the match between Eternal Dancers and Inazuma Japan. Nosaka ordered to use Spinning Wind and then joined in, developing the tactic to Grid Omega version 2.0. This resulted in all Eternal Dancers' players on the ground, unable to move. Because of that, Nosaka scored the 3-2 for Inazuma Japan.


The users start to spin around, each creating their own blue whirlwind. The main user then jumps in the air and starts spinning as well, they then cross their arms and powerfully unleash them creating a huge blue whirlwind. That huge whirlwind attracts the other users smaller whirlwinds inside the bigger one and now creates an even larger spinning wind nearly taking up the whole pitch, that lifts all opposing players from the ground. Viciously and wildly spinning them around until the wind then disappears and they come crashing down, not being able to move for a while.




Grid Omega Version 2.0 Campo Omega Version 2

Grid Omega Version 2.0 Campo Omega Version 2.0 Inazuma Eleven - Orion no Kokuin


  • When Inazuma Japan's training, to hide the fact that they are achieving the actual tactic, Kazemaru's called its early form "Code G".

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