Gunji Eisei Phobos (軍事衛星(ぐんじえいせい)フォボス, Gunji Eisei Fobosu, lit. Military Satellite Phobos) is a catch hissatsu technique.




Bigman used this technique during the representative match between Star Unicorn and Navy Invader. By using this technique, he easily stopped Ichinose Kazuya's shot and also injured Michele Jacks.

Bigman used it again during the match between Inazuma Japan and Navy Invader, easily blocking Fudou Akio's shot Maximum Circus. Later when Afuro Terumi walked through the field using Heaven's Time and approached to the goal, Bigman wasn't able to stop his shot God Knows Impact and Japan tied 1-1. When later Japan's players understood how Jiraigen tactic worked and deactivated it using Heaven's Time, Bigman tried again to stop Aphrodi's shot God Knows Impact with Gunji Eisei Phobos, but he failed. Soon after Inazuma Japan scored the third goal with GGG Senjou no Aria, breaking through Bigman's technique.

During the final seconds, Bigman faces God Knows Impact once again. Bigman used his Gunji Eisei Phobos, and he put all he got into saving the shot, however, he was just pushed over the goal line, so he concede the goal. This meant the match ended 4-3 in Inazuma Japan's advantage.


The user raises his/her hand, and, using a seemingly computer automated system, will calculate the ball's path and other information about a certain shoot. The computer is then shown to be part of a high-altitude satellite, from which erupts a burst of blue flame. The blue aura descends onto the goalkeeper, eventually narrowing its focus to the ball. If successful, the blue aura will stop the ball, surrounded by electricity, under the user's grip, 




Gunji Eisei Phobos Satélite Ultra-Militar Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin

Gunji Eisei Phobos Satélite Ultra-Militar Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin

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