Haizaki Ryouhei

Haizaki Ryouhei (灰崎(はいざき) 凌兵(りょうへい)) is one of the three main protagonists of Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin, along with Inamori Asuto and Nosaka Yuuma. He's a forward for Seishou Gakuen and later on Inakuni Raimon.

In Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin he plays as a forward for Inazuma Japan.


Inazuma Eleven SD

  • "The way he runs the pitch with super aggressive soccer has earned him the name “Devil of the Field” as well as people’s fear. He is an ace striker whose prowess is acknowledged by anyone."


Haizaki has dark skin, multi-colored eyes that go from gray to red to yellow, and long gray unkempt hair that cover the right side of his face.

When wearing his school uniform, he leaves the top buttons of the shirt unbuttoned and the tie loose. His casual outfit consists of a white shirt, a black vest over it, and a black jacket, white pants, and black shoes. In Orion, he's seen wearing a black beret as well.


He's shown to be an arrogant, uncaring player and who, as stated by himself, does only what he wants to do, going as far as ignoring Kidou Yuuto's orders to participate in the match against Inakuni Raimon, until the latter informs him that they may be the 'light' he has been searching for. It is stated by Kudou Michiya that he rarely gets agitated during a match, nor does he play it to win. However, once it happens, he turns into an overly aggressive player. He also seems prone to have almost maniacal laughing fits.

Later, however, he is a lot more understanding toward his teammates and is less closeminded than before. Although his competitive spirit and somewhat arrogant personality is still present, he is much nicer as a person.



Haizaki lived in a small house with his mother Haizaki Mitsuko, when Miyano Akane moved in the house next to him. As Haizaki was shy, he closed the door, however, Akane knocked on his door presenting him a teddy bear as a token of their first meeting. Then, they became friends and played together a lot. Even his mother remarked that he had become a lot more happy after meeting Akane. Then, Akane mentioned that she's going to change school, as she wanted to learn a lot to be able to cure others from sickness. She said that she went to a school called "Ares". As Haizaki waited for her return, Akane took the Ares no Tenbin program, only to return in a comatose state, shocking and angering Haizaki on her return. When Haizaki saw an explanation by Midouin Munetada of the Ares no Tenbin program, he seemed very angry. Haizaki revealed that he will play soccer until he can get revenge for breaking Akane's heart and beat the teams to prove the worthlessness of the Ares no Tenbin program.

Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin

Haizaki walked out of school and encountered two of his teammates, who asked him where he's going, as their training was about to begin. Haizaki however, decided to pass on training, as he thought it didn't matter whether he plays or not. Then, Mizukamiya Seiryuu also came in, questioning why Haizaki purposely disrupted the team, though Haizaki didn't really reply on that. Haizaki traveled to the arcade in town by train, to try and grab a teddy bear from one of the machines. There he encountered Inamori Asuto, who spotted him in the arcade. Haizaki didn't remember him at first, but when Asuto explained where they met, he remembered "the newbie team", Inakuni Raimon. When Asuto asked why he wasn't preparing for his next match, Haizaki said he won't play in the match, as he himself decided so. Haizaki then walked out, as he grabbed the teddy bear and went to the hospital, being followed by Kozoumaru Sasuke. There he visited Akane, where he gave her the teddy bear, wishing that she'd return to normal. Walking out of the hospital, Haizaki saw an interview with Gouenji Shuuya on the TV, saying that Haizaki was Seishou Gakuen's both strength and weakness, which made him angry. At the pre-match meeting, he got a big shock by Kidou Yuuto's line-up, presenting him as the goalkeeper. As he didn't understand why he's put there, he got really angry. He then received his goalkeeper jersey from Otonashi Haruna. Haizaki asked why they had to be this scared of Gouenji, only to hear he'll find out during the match.

When the match started, Haizaki quickly faced Gouenji's Fire Tornado, shocking him by the ferocity, though Gouenji was holding back. However, two of his defenders saved him by blocking the shot with their bodies. As Haizaki felt humiliated, frustration started building up inside him, leading to him exclaiming Kidou's name. Kidokawa Seishuu quickly returned to Haizaki's goal with quick movements, releasing their override hissatsu technique, Bakunetsu Storm, which blew Haizaki back in the net, scoring the first goal for Kidokawa Seishuu. From frustration of conceding goals, he kicked he ball with force towards Kidou, though he controlled it easily. From the kick-off, Kidokawa quickly approached Seishou's goal again, this time launching the Triangle Z. As the defenders of Seishou Gakuen suspect another Override hissatsu, they marked Gouenji, but let the Mukata triplets free. Triangle Z was shot towards Gouenji, but redirected at the last second towards the goal, scoring past and shocked Haizaki, making the score 2-0. During half-time, Haizaki confronted Kidou to switch him back as a forward, but Kidou refused, as he had a plan to win the match and for Haizaki who needed to figure out why he's a goalkeeper. Haizaki thought he would never lose to Gouenji, but Kidou quickly snapped back not to underestimate him. Haizaki's individual strength would not be enough to beat Gouenji's teamwork. In the second half, Haizaki quickly leaped forward, stealing the ball from Mukata Masaru, charging on his own. Passing two players, he eventually was stopped by three players of Kidokawa Seishuu and got the ball stolen by Nishigaki Mamoru's Spinning Cut. This left the goal open, but the Fire Tornado shot by Gouenji, was saved by the team effort of Seishou's defenders. Mizukamiya then ordered Haizaki to think about how to protect the goal. Haizaki quickly figured how to, as he analyzed the attack pattern of Kidokawa Seishuu. He stole the ball from Gouenji and ordered the defense around. As he figured out how to play as a goalkeeper, he got switched back to the forward position and charged together with Kidou and his teammates, facing of Kidokawa Seishuu's defense.

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin

He appeared for the first time with Inamori Asuto when they intended to buy something for Nosaka Yuuma, who was in the hospital. Asuto offered bananas, but Haizaki preferred pudding. It turned out that Nosaka loved watermelons, which was revealed by Nishikage Seiya, who was shopping for Nosaka as well. Later in the hospital they were talking about Nosaka's departure to America, where he was going to carry out surgery to remove his brain tumor. Asuto mentioned about upcoming selection ceremony of the members of Inazuma Japan. Nosaka said that he was a little nervous, but Haizaki stated that he didn't care. He pretended indifferent and denied when Asuto revealed that Haizaki was very excited when he received an invitation on the phone. The next day Haizaki and Inakuni Raimon met at the stands during the selection ceremony. He seemed to be a little bit nervous but still denied when Asuto asked him about that. He was later announced as the one of the forwards in team. After that he smiled and calmed down. Later he gathered with other teammates in Inazuma Japan's uniforms on the field and celebrated their chose with the audience at the stadium. When they arrived to their camp he tried to stop Asuto's enthusiasm and told him to calm down because he wasn't little child. He still tried to hide his joy and be more serious than needed. On the next day Inazuma Japan had their first training in which participated Clario Orvan, from the Spanish youth league team. Clario easily defeated all the players and scored the goal with his amazing technique Diamond Ray. Haizaki was shocked by the power of this shot and the fact that none of them was able to stop Clario. He stated that at this moment they didn't have comparable abilities to compete with him. Endou Mamoru, who was the captain, began to encourage them to fight on and overcome obstacles in their path. In the evening, Haizaki together with Fudou Akio, Hiura Kirina, Kiyama Hiroto and Asuto were sent by their coach Zhao Jinyun to buy him ice cream. They met a mysterious boy Mutekigahara Fujimaru, who attacked them with ball, laughing at their skills as a Japanese team and claiming to get rid of the weak players from the tournament. They started to play soccer and Mutekigahara very quickly defeated everyone in turn using hard play, close to fouls. When the coach Zhao came suddenly, he disappeared.

In the first match of Asia FFI preliminaries against South Korea's team Red Bison, Haizaki stood next to Gouenji as a main forward. He passed easily ball through Korea's players but it was quickly stolen by their captain Seok Min-Woo. When Red Bison started to play rough Haizaki was angry about their strategy. When they obstructed Endou before they shot first goal he stated that they played dirty. Inazuma Japan used their tactic Juu to Gou and Haizaki passed the ball directly to Gouenji who scored the first goal for Inazuma Japan. Haizaki was impressed with Gouenji's shot Last Resort and stated it was ten times stronger and powerful than Haizaki's Perfect Penguin. For him it was like a work of art. When Gouenji got injured and left the field, the match was resumed. Haizaki ran toward the opponent players saying that they would pay for what they've done. Asuto warned him not to play rough and Haizaki responded that he wasn't a child. Later coach Zhao selected Kira Hiroto to replace Gouenji on the field. Haizaki wasn't happy hearing that. He mocked that Hiroto called himself as a God Striker and Hiroto responded him not to drag him down, called him meanly Mr. Devil of the Field as well. Haizaki saw a rival in Hiroto and they started to pass ball with a lot of strength like they would like to try and check their abilities. While they were competing, the team was shocked with their behavior instead of coach Zhao who laughed and admitted that Haizaki and Hiroto didn't match each other. When Seok interrupted their actions, Asuto took the ball and scored another goal for Inazuma Japan. But Haizaki and Hiroto seemed to be angry for what he's done and got in their way. When Red Bison's captain left the field due injuries he got, they agreed that crushing own teammates was wrong but strangely they didn't noticed that were doing the same to each other. Before the match ended trainer Kudou Michiya gave them instruction to do what they wanted. They clashed together running towards the goal. Each of them wanted to shot by they own and unexpectedly they managed to create new hissatsu technique and scored together the winning goal for Inazuma Japan. Asuto was excited when found an article about their match, Hiroto and Haizaki were called there “God & Devil”. But they got angry hearing that and started to offend each other. They couldn't admit that did something good working together. They took their bags and back to the room which they shared as a roommates.

It was revealed that the next Japan's opponent was Australia. Because the coach didn't get any informations about they play, he let Inazuma Japan's players train and do what they wanted. Haizaki wasn't surprised of his frivolous behavior. He was annoyed after he watched news on TV in which it was told that after Gouenji left the team, their chances for winning dropped significantly. Later during the training he couldn't concentrate and he got his anger out of Hiroto. He started to train with Kidou who was concerned about him. He asked Haizaki why he was so impatient. Haizaki responded that they were facing the world and he wanted to win with this team. He stated that now he was the only person that team could rely on, after Gouenji wasn't there. Haizaki wanted to get stronger to be able to beat players like Gouenji or Hiroto. As he stated Hiroto's abilities were comparable to Haizaki and he was still developing, what made Haizaki upset. Kidou said that Haizaki reminded him his own past. He was also searching some light in his life and he found it in Endou. He said that Haizaki was guided so far by light in Asuto and maybe his another light would be found across the ocean. Kidou believed that Haizaki got what it takes to become Inazuma Japan's ace. When the match against Shining Satans started, Haizaki seemed to be in a much better condition, full of enthusiasm and ready to fight. He looked at Kidou and stated that he was also like a light for him, to the point that he blinded him. From the beginning Australia started to use tricks in their play, causing consternation in Japan's players. Hiroto stated that he would show them that the god's power is greater than devil's but Haizaki smiled and said that Hiroto wasn't even able to beat him who was called the devil as well. He was trying to attack Australian goal but was stopped by their hissatsu tactic Invisible, which shocked Inazuma Japan because they noticed the ball disappeared. Hiroto made fun of Haizaki saying that it was hopeless if the devil of the field was outsmarted by other devils. It was later revealed that Australian trick was a hypnosis. According to Raimon Natsumi’s advice the team closed their eyes while they were approaching to the opponent players. After that Kidou was able to score with Haizaki's technique Overhead Penguin, which shocked the team and Haizaki as well. Kidou stated that as his teacher he could use his pupil's technique. Haizaki was ashamed by Kidou's behavior and said with defiance that Kidou was terrible commander of the pitch. When hypnosis failed, Shining Satans started to use mirrors hidden in their cleats. They blinded Japan's players one by one and scored their third goal. Haizaki realized that it might be Ichihoshi Mitsuru who used mirrors as well and he was a traitor.

In the second half of the match Kidou asked Haizaki and Hiroto to destroy Ichihoshi on the field. They were very excited about that and Haizaki easily stole the ball from Sar Gatanas. They started to run towards the goal but they didn't intend to score, in fact they were going to aim at Ichihoshi. Series of attacks shocked the team and caused anger of Ichihoshi. Haizaki and Hiroto started to play rough and kept shooting at Australian players as well. Ichihoshi told to Asuto that they were aiming at him because they didn't like his plays. Later when Asuto kept asking Kidou what were they doing, Haizaki stated that Asuto obviously didn't see anything. After Endou figured out how to stop Time Trance, Inazuma Japan started their counterattack and they easily lead to a tie 4-4. Haizaki, Hiroto and Kidou kept shooting at Ichihoshi but their attack was stopped by Asuto who protected Ichihoshi from another hit. Haizaki asked him why he did it and got in his way. Asuto responded that he wouldn't let to hurt his teammates using soccer. Haizaki stated that he was naive. Later final shot by Haizaki and Hiroto sealed the victory of Japan. After the match ended, Endou praised them and their perfect synchronization, he was counting for them during the next matches as well. When the team celebrated their winning, Kidou told them about suspicious behavior of Ichihoshi and revealed them that he considered him as a traitor. He asked them for help to eliminate ichihoshi from the team. Suddenly some men from the FFI administration bureau came into the locker room and started to investigate players’ bags. As a result of what they found Kidou was accused of doping. When he left Ichihoshi came back and made fun of what happened, causing Haizaki got angry. He was sure that it was Ichihoshi who set Kidou up but he denied. Haizaki almost punch him but was stopped by Asuto and Endou. Ichihoshi warned Haizaki to calm down if he didn't want to lose his soccer career as Kidou did. When he left, Haizaki had a grudge against Asuto because he prevented him when he wanted to punish Ichihoshi. He let out his anger by throwing a bench and accidentally hit Goujin Tetsunosuke who wanted to stop him. Later Haizaki and Hiroto came to Ichihoshi while he was sitting at the lake. They started to threaten him and Haizaki tried to punch him as well. Ichihoshi managed easily avoid the hitting until Hiroto grabbed him. When Asuto and Goujin were trying to stop them, Haizaki threatened Asuto that would punch him. Then Endou came with Ootani Tsukushi and stated that they should be united since Gouenji and Kidou weren't with team. But Haizaki responded that it was Ichihoshi, who used dirty tricks to get rid of them two. He got mad after Ichihoshi mentioned about Kidou using doping. They've noticed someone with camera who was hiding in the bushes. Hiroto was wondering if Ichihoshi didn't provoke Haizaki on purpose. When coach Zhao appeared Haizaki told that he should kick out Ichihoshi of the team, otherwise they would do it themselves. However the coach stated that Ichihoshi should be considered innocent until his guilt was proven. Haizaki then insulted the coach and called him stupid but Zhao forbade them to hurt Ichihoshi.

During the training Haizaki and Hiroto were talking about Ichihoshi who was watching at Endou. They were wondering if Endou was his another target. After the training the team was exhausted but Kazemaru Ichirouta asked them for another practice. Later in the locker room Endou were talking with Haizaki and Hiroto. Despite of captain's request, they didn't intend to be friends with Ichihoshi, stating that he was their enemy. Hiroto agreed that considering everything what he did, he was guilty. Haizaki was wondering if Endou was an idiot asking them to get along with Ichihoshi since for them that matter was clear. Unexpectedly Endou got arrested after some strange people assaulted him at the street. Inazuma Japan started their match with Uzbekistan's team Eternal Dancers without captain. Their play was a completely mess since there was no one to lead them on the field. They were arguing and couldn't cooperate. Before the second half of the match started, Nosaka Yuuma appeared at the team. Haizaki was very glad to see him and asked if he was alright. Nosaka confirmed him that he was able to play. The team immediately improved their play and began to work together, rely on each other as well. Haizaki and Hiroto quickly scored first goal for Inazuma Japan with their Penguin The God & Devil. When Eternal Dancers started to play rough, Haizaki managed to avoid fatal injury. He noticed that the referee didn't react to it and was wondering if he wasn't connected with that mysterious organisation. After Inazuma Japan used their Grid Omega version 2.0. Haizaki seemed to be a little shocked but admitted to Nosaka that it was necessary in that situation. Then he explained to Eternal Dancers that Nosaka was so ruthless that he would do anything to achieve his goals. At the end of the match Haizaki passed the ball to Asuto who shot their fourth goal with his technique Shining Bird.

After the team celebrated their winning and praised Nosaka, Haizaki stated with smile that it was pretty nice for someone who's just recovered. While they were talking in their locker room, a man from the FFI bureau, came in and started to investigate Nosaka's bag. Haizaki remembered the same situation when Kidou was accused for doping. But Nosaka didn't have anything specious in his locker, there was only box with chocolate candies. Later Haizaki was upset talking about FFI tournament, there was definitely something wrong with it. After Endou came back he asked him what he was thinking about that. Endou stated that they should now focus on playing soccer but Haizaki couldn't agreed with his point of view. Then coach Zhao revealed them true about The Orion Foundation and confirmed that Ichihoshi belongs to them as a Disciple of Orion. For Haizaki it was obvious that now they could easily eliminate him from the team, but Endou disagreed. He told them about Ichihoshi's tragic past. However Haizaki still thought that it couldn't be an excuse for what he's done and Hiroto agreed that it was unforgivable. Later Iwato Takashi revealed to the team that Ichihoshi had a younger brother, Hikaru, who had a serious ill and Ichihoshi decided to cooperate with the Orion Foundation in order to help him. The team decided to help Ichihoshi and Nosaka revealed that he had a plan already.

Before the match against Saudi Arabia's team Arab no Hinotori Gundan started, Inazuma Japan trained with a special device that would teach them how to avoid fouls. During the meal Haizaki noticed that Ichihoshi wasn't there again. He remembered how he hit him during the match and wanted to punch him after Kidou was accused of doping. Hiroto stated that Ichihoshi was just isolating himself from the rest of the team as usual. While the team was going at the stadium strange things happened to Haizaki's music player because the volume suddenly went up. When it was repeated Haizaki got mad, being sure that somebody of the team was making him jokes. In the first half of the match Haizaki and Hiroto easily scored their first goal with Penguin God & Devil. Despite the necessity of exchanging injured players, the team didn't lose their fighting spirit. Later Saudi Arabia used their tactic Driblaze to get through Haizaki, Hiroto, Fudou, Hiura and Mansaku Yuuichirou. When Andreas Bebo failed to score, Inazuma Japan started to counterattack. When Asuto passed the ball to Ichihoshi, Haizaki was shocked and wondering if he was an idiot doing that. Later he kept asking Asuto why he did it since there was no chance that Ichihoshi would score. But Asuto stated that they wouldn't know what happened unless they tried. Haizaki noticed that Ichihoshi was talking with Andreas like he would plan something sneaky again. He was worried when saw Nosaka talking to Ichihoshi, stating that it was too risky for him come closer to Ichihoshi. When Ichihoshi approached in the air to Nosaka, dangerously close to his head with leg, Haizaki froze in fear. Later Hiura and Asuto explained him Nosaka's plan to make Ichihoshi choose between good and evil. Haizaki wasn't convinced yet and stated that they couldn't be sure that Ichihoshi would choose the right path. But later without hesitations Haizaki started to pass the ball to running Ichihoshi as his teammates were doing.

After it was revealed that Ichihoshi's younger brother wasn't at the hospital, Haizaki wondered if it all about his illness was true. But later coach Zhao informed them that in fact it was the older brother, Mitsuru, who died with their father in a car accident years ago and now Ichihoshi had a dual personality, his and his older brother. There was possibility that Ichihoshi might be healed, if he would continue play soccer in this match. Endou agreed but Haizaki and Hiroto were shocked that he would let Ichihoshi play in that state. Despite that, later he was passing the ball to Ichihoshi like the others were doing. In the last few minutes of the match he and Hiroto scored their second goal, after Ichihoshi passed them the ball. During the meal they noticed that Ichihoshi wasn't there. Haizaki and Asuto found him outside the camp, while he was going to leave. Haizaki asked Ichihoshi if his intention was to disappear now. Later when the rest of the team came, they intended to eat something and Haizaki was thinking of ramen.

Haizaki participated in an interview together with Asuto and Nosaka. They were asked by Kimura Yousuke about different topics. Haizaki wasn't interested in giving an interview, he thought it would be boring. To Haizaki's surprise he wasn't asked about soccer but his opinion about three best products related to the teddy bears. He was wondering how Kimura managed to get the informations that revealed his specific attitude to the bears. Haizaki looked at Asuto, thinking if he was the one who was talking about him. He remembered how they met days ago, while he was catching a bear in a special machine with plush toys. After a moment's thought, Haizaki unexpectedly answered Kimura's question. The third place were meatbun in a shape of teddy bear, the second was a mug with three bears on top and the winner was ultra rare waterproof bear that could be taken into the bath. Kimura was surprised about what he heard and said that the rumors about Haizaki were true. Later when Nosaka was talking about hissatsu techniques that he wanted to object to, Haizaki was upset when he mentioned his Overhead Penguin. Before Kimura left he said that the introduction to the best three bears would be really funny, causing Haizaki to grew irritated.

During the briefing before the upcoming match with Chinese team Soccer Zatsugidan, Li Kobun unexpectedly said goodbye to Inazuma Japan, leaving them shocked and confounded. After Hiura revealed his identity as a Mutekigahara Fujimaru, Li confessed that his real intention was to level them up. Coach Zhao confirmed later his identity as a Li Hao, forward from China team and his supporter since he became the coach of Inakuni Raimon in FF. Haizaki asked if they were supported by their enemy and insisted Li telling his true story, what he did at once. Coach informed the team that their real goal wasn't the winning in the FFI tournament but releasing the soccer from the dictatorship of the Orion Foundation itself and Haizaki was listening to this with surprise.

When Ichihoshi and Asuto unexpectedly disappeared without saying a word, Haizaki with the other teammates decided to search them. They have been found near to the road when they got out of the forest and Haizaki was clearly amused seeing Goujin hugging saved Ichihoshi.

Before the match with China started, the team were informed that their coach Zhao was going to have an operation and wouldn't be able to join the match. Later they realised that he only dressed up and became the opponent's team coach. Just from the beginning Chinese team overwhelmed Japan by their play and unusual actions. Haizaki was trying to get the ball from Tao Lu but she kept tricking him and passed the ball further, leaving Haizaki angry and confused. Later Li Hao quickly scored the first goal after he shot with Tenkuu Hayabusadan. Haizaki clashed with him, fighting for the ball but again he was easily passed by the opponent, then the Chinese team scored their second goal. Haizaki was shocked when Kudou Michiya replaced Fubuki Shirou and Iwato by Nishikage and Saginuma Osamu. But later it turned out that his strategy was successful when the duo synchronized with Endou their hissatsu into one powerful The Asura, which blocked the Chinese offensive. When Inazuma Japan started their counterattack, Haizaki was trying to score a goal with Hiroto, using their The Penguin God & Devil, but they were stopped by Kung Fuche and his Ryuujin Tessen. When China used their tactic Shourinji Kousoku Juuhachijin the number of the opponents suddenly increased and Haizaki was tricked by their captain Zhou Xing, who stole the ball from him. Just right after the second half of the match started, Haizaki was trying to shoot with his Perfect Penguin but he was blocked again by Kung Fuche. He stood frustrated with the other teammates, not really knowing what to do to defeat China. When coach Kudou decided to replace Hiroto by Goujin, Haizaki was deeply surprised but later when Goujin shot with his new technique Fire Lemonade Rising he was impressed and happy.

There was only 10 minutes left to the end of the match, when Haizaki stole the ball and was running towards the Chinese goal, passing to his teammates. Unexpectedly China used their new tactic Minna de Jiangshi which completely blocked Japan, they couldn't move further because the opponent barred their way. Haizaki managed to break free and immediately shot with his Perfect Penguin, but again Kung Fuche stopped him. Li Hao made fun of Haizaki using again his technique with penguins, which caused him grew irritated. Later China initiated next tactic Mouko Shuurai thanks which they pushed away Japan's players on their way but the three goalkeepers managed to blocked another shot. China kept pressure on Inazuma Japan, no one gave up and fought with all powers they got. Later thanks to Nosaka's order Japan managed to tie with Fudou's shot. When Ichihoshi finished analyzing the opponent's players, they used a new tactic The General thanks which they broke Minna Shuurai and Haizaki shot with Shark The Deep, after Goujin passed him the ball, pretending using Fire Lemonade. Japan took the lead with three points. When Kazemaru asked Haizaki when did he gain that technique, he said he was practicing in secret but apparently Nosaka found out about it. At the end of the match China once again attacked the Japan's goal and Li shot with Zhou using Tenhou Chiretsu, which got such power that Haizaki, Asuto and Nosaka had to support the three goalkeepers to prevent another goal. Finally they succeeded and both teams fell on the field tired and exhausted. Later they thanked each other and promised to play soccer again.

After the press conference, Inazuma Japan gathered at the camp and they welcomed Zhao and Li returning to the team. Haizaki was disgusted by another trick prepared by the coach. Zhao explained that surely the Orion Foundation would disturb them during the tournament, using different dishonest methods and having their spies in other teams. Asuto was very excited about Kidou's and Gouenji's return, stating that now Inazuma Japan would be incredibly strong. But Haizaki told with smile that it was possibility now for Asuto to be taken off as starter when they back. It seemed that in the same moment he realized it could happen to him as well. During the send-off party Gouenji praised Haizaki for his work as an ace striker and leading the team to the victory. Haizaki couldn't stop admire his amazing shot Last Resort and stated that he still didn't have such powerful technique. He was very excited thinking about playing next to Gouenji in the upcoming matches and promised to get stronger. Later he overheard Luther Fandam's malicious comments on the Japanese team and confronted with him. Luther didn't deny anything and additionally provoked Haizaki, saying that Japan would no longer win in any match. When suddenly Hiroto appeared, they proposed Luther a small game for fun, just before the serious match began. Unluckily, the situation turned to disadvantage for Haizaki, Hiroto and Fudou who joined them later. Spanish players completely overwhelmed them just moving around with a few steps. Haizaki shouted to Hiroto to pass the ball but he couldn't do anything and the ball flew far away.

The departure to Russia for the tournament was approaching fast and Haizaki visited his former school Seishou Gakuen. On the way to the stadium he met with Amano Masamichi and Sasotsuka Eiji who got really excited when they saw him. Later Haizaki pondered over his past watching the players on the field practicing, when suddenly Mizukamiya Seiryuu appeared. Haizaki stated that he was just bored and he came here without a reason, only to see what was going on. He noticed that current play of Seishou Gakuen was different than before and Mizukamiya explained that now they were practicing new strategies which would involve all players, not like previously when they were focused on Haizaki as an ace striker. Haizaki seemed to be worried hearing that and stated that apparently there wasn't place for him anymore in Seishou. To his much surprise Mizukamiya revealed that he could rejoin the team, after the FFI ended, according to the report that he got from Zhao Jinyun. The Seishou Gakuen was always place where Haizaki belonged to, nothing changed in that matter. When Mizukamiya told him that as a captain he could show him the right path to follow, Haizaki started to tease with him, stating that no one could ever tame the devil of the field. Mizukamiya explained that he never intended to do it and was wondering about using nickname like the devil of the field's master as well.

During the flight to Russia the crew announced that the Japanese youth soccer team Inazuma Japan was on board and the passengers were asked to applaud for their achievements so far. Haizaki stood up together with the others, but as usual he wasn't impressed with it, like he didn't care about anything. When later the captain of the Russian team, Froy Girikanan welcomed Inazuma Japan later at the airport, Haizaki looked at them with reluctance, knowing that they were connected with the Orion Foundation. To his much surprise, Froy denied that they had something in common with this organization. While the departure from the airport was delayed, Pampietta Scoglio stated that in Russia nothing worked on time like in Japan and Haizaki irritated hearing that. Later the old Raimon members were talking about their first match with Spanish team Barcelona Orb. When Nosaka stated with proud that now Inazuma Japan with its current members, was enough strong to win the tournament, Haizaki teased with him and his absolute certainty of their winning.

When they reached the city of Kazan, Haizaki asked Pampietta, what he could tell them about this place. Pampietta again sought information on the phone, which apparently disgusted Haizaki when he stated that the guide was going to read straight from the screen. Later during the meal they met several members of the Spanish team and Luther began to provoke them, claiming that they would never beat Spain if they could eat so little. Haizaki and Hiroto promptly asked you for the seconds and Endou proposed a food contest to which Clario and Nishikage joined. At the end Nishikage felt sick and Endou with Clario drew. Later at Kazan Soccer Center the team met their new physical trainer Sekiya Tomoari who prepared for everyone personalized exercise schedule. After the training Gouenji informed Haizaki, Asuto and Nosaka that he was going to pass them his technique Last Resort. So they started to train but the result of this wasn't breathtaking at all. Their struggle was interrupted by Fubuki Atsuya who unexpectedly appeared before the team and scored a goal.

Before the kick-off Haizaki made a joke about Atsuya being a traitor, but he denied and warned Haizaki that he wouldn't give him the ball if he didn't stop talking so stupidly. Later Haizaki got the ball from Asuto but Spanish defender Reinaldo Baraja easily stole it from him, sliding and passing other Japan's players. Soon after Clario scored the first goal for Spain. However Endou didn't lose fighting spirit and stated that would stop it next time. Haizaki agreed that it was just one point. When the match resumed Spanish players Domelgo Dominguez and Rufino Avalos were blocking Haizaki and Atsuya, their defense was very tight so they couldn't even move. When later Endou managed to stop Clario's shot Japan could focus on counterattack. Haizaki got the ball from Nosaka but immediately clashed between two defenders who started to mock him. They were running together, barring his way. As it turned out Haizaki was only decoy and fell on the field, passing the ball to Asuto, who kicked it further to Atsuya. Unluckily his shot Hissatsu Kumagoroshi Zan was easily blocked by Spanish goalkeeper Alonso Fibiano.

The match resumed again and Spain charged through the Japan's defense. Haizaki was trying to stop Luther, but they clashed together and Luther pushed him violently on the field. Soon after Spain scored the second goal, when Clario misled Endou with his curling Diamond Ray. Haizaki understood that playing like that, they won't be able to score since they had to focus on defense. Unexpectedly Fubuki started to run towards the Spanish goal, while the other players were going to protect Japan's half of the field. Haizaki looked at Fubuki unable to figure out what was going on. Atsuya quickly stole the ball from Bergamo sliding and made a long pass straight to his brother. Later they created new technique and scored the first goal for Japan, which immediately raised up Japan's morale and fighting spirit. During the break Haizaki was sitting on the field, gasping for breath and totally exhausted. When Li told that it wouldn't be possible for him to play in the second half, Haizaki immediately stood up but his legs were shaking and Hiroto had to catch him, before he fell. He started to tease with Haizaki that devil needed support from god and Haizaki muttered to leave him what Hiroto did, stating that it would be a nuisance on the field if he wasn't even able to stand. After Ichihoshi finished his analysis of Spain, Nosaka decided to use new strategy but he needed Haizaki to continue playing. Coach Zhao asked Sekiya to take care of Haizaki. To everyone's surprise Sekiya turned out to be certified qigong massage therapist and he used special technique Healing Celebration to restore Haizaki's power and strength. When the match resumed Haizaki full of new energy rushed towards Bergamo who was dribbling with the ball. They clashed together fighting and no one wanted to let it go. When Fudou appeared from behind to support Haizaki, Beragmo had to jump back to break free. The match was nearing its end when Nosaka proposed to use Last Resort. As he explained now it shouldn't strain so much their legs and they couldn't squander this opportunity. Haizaki doubted whether it would be successful and didn't want to be blamed in case of defeat. When they finally shot, Last Resort was easily stopped with new Spain's technique The Shelter. Later they decided to use their last chance and unexpectedly Asuto rushed through the field, passing all Spanish players. To everyone's surprise he managed to score the third goal for Japan, thanks which they tied 3-3.

Before the upcoming match with Star Unicorn, the team decided to go to their camp to spy them. When they arrived and were introduced formally to Domon Asuka and Ichinose Kazuya, Dylan Keith and Mark Kruger proposed a mini-game. The hissatsu techniques weren't allowed but Haizaki tricked Dylan pretending to use Overhead Penguin while he was passing him. Later Dylan repaid him the same when he was trying to use Unicorn Flash. The friendly match ended with Japan's winning after Endou scored a goal. Later unexpected guests appeared before the team. Three helicopters flew with Navy Invader team and their commander Bahat Descom on board. When American coach Mack Scride was arrested, Star Unicorn was forced to play in the match that would settle the representative team for America in the FFI tournament. Finally they lost when Navy Invader used Gunji Eisei Phobos and Jiraigen. Haizaki along with his teammates were watching this in disbelief. It was obvious that Navy Invader was connected with Orion and their actions were precisely planned. Before they left Bahat stated that he was looking forward to playing the match with Japan. They came back to their campground lost in thoughts, without saying a word. Later the team was informed about their new opponent and strange events that occurred in American camp. Haizaki made fun of Hiroto who kept talking about being god striker, although he was benched during the last match with Spain. When later Zeus’ captain Aphrodi appeared before the team and pointed out their weaknesses, they wanted to teach him a lesson. Aphrodi challenged them in a mini-game 4 vs 4 however Sekiya stated that Haizaki wasn't going to participate due to the fatigue from the previous match. He snorted deeply disappointed because he wanted to face Aphrodi with the others.

Before the match with Navy Invader started, Haizaki along with his teammates were looking at the opponent's players, stating that they were looking creepy. This time he was sitting on the bench but the events unfolded very fast when Navy Invader scored the first goal and later Japan tied thanks to Aphrodi's shot. When America used later tactic Jiraigen, Haizaki entered the field after Sakanoue Noboru was injured by the explosion, just like Hiura and Fudou before. Soon Nosaka and Aphrodi figured out how Jiraigen worked and deactivated it. The first half ended with Japan in the lead with 2 points. When the match resumed and Tatsuya fell on the ground losing the ball, Haizaki shouted at him what was he doing. However, later the same happened to him when Convoy and Shakey used clear wire to stop him. The match resumed after Navy Invaders scored the second goal and Japan counterattacked. Haizaki told Nosaka to give him the ball, however Aphrodi intercepted this pass and rushed further along with Hiroto, who mocked Haizaki. Later the duo along with Iwato created new technique GGG Senjou no Aria thanks which Japan scored the third goal.

Unexpectedly Navy Invader's commander was arrested and replaced by Star Unicorn's coach Mack Scride. Later Ichinose along with Domon and Mark joined the opponent's team. Navy Invader's players, used to taking orders, now stood disoriented and confused. Haizaki along with Nosaka took the opportunity and rushed through the American goal. However, when Haizaki shot with his Shark The Deep, the Star Unicorn's trio appeared out of nowhere and blocked it. Soon after Ichinose called the disciples to destroy him in this match and Haizaki couldn't believe what he just heard, claiming that Ichinose was probably on the verge of desperation. As it turned out it was a strategy that helped Navy Invader to break through the field, at the same time involving them in game. Haizaki tried to steal the ball from Cobra, but he smartly passed him and moved on. Soon America tied with the score 3-3. When only five minutes were left, both teams fought trying to get another point. However, in the end Inazuma Japan won, when Aphrodi scored the 4th goal.

For Haizaki from the very beginning, Asuto's disappearance seemed to be very suspicious. He was wondering whether this man who Asuto met, was really his father. They all agreed that they should look for Asuto in the area and check what could happen. When the next day during the breakfast Nosaka asked the coach about Asuto and Zhao denied that something was wrong, Haizaki looked at them serious and thoughtful. Later Haizaki along with Nosaka kept practicing Last Resort, with Gouenji advising them what to do. New member of the team Kozoumaru Sasuke watched them and stated arrogantly that if it was all they got, he was the only one, who could inherit Last Resort.

When the match against Russia began, Haizaki was sitting on the bench. Perfect Spark seemed to be playing fair however soon they showed up their true face. When they initiated tactic Aurora Wave it turned out that they used tear gas against the opponent. Haizaki praised later Saginuma's behavior when he broke Russian players' bands to prevent them from using dirty tricks. The match continued when Russia exchanged two players. As Inam’s movements were strangely similar to Asuto's techniques and when he scored the second goal for Russia using Shining Bird, the matter was clear to everyone. Haizaki approached him along with Goujin, demanding explanations why Asuto betrayed the team. However, coach appeared and calmed them down, stating that they shouldn't cause any problems now, what's more, they didn't have any proof that it was Asuto himself. In the second half of the match, Russia took advantage of Japan's team distraction and successfully blocked all their attacks, using additionally underhanded methods. When the match was near to the end, coach let Haizaki enter the field along with Goujin and Aphrodi. Soon he managed to tie with Russia, when he scored the second goal with his Shark The Deep. But Russia didn't give up and kept using their dirty tricks, scoring the third goal after Japan's defenders and Umihara Norika were affected with sleeping gas. After the match the player who they thought was Asuto, revealed his face and turned out to be a person that they had never seen before. The whole team was dismayed after their loss but Haizaki stated that they couldn't change anything now. Later Sekiya informed them that Japan would play in the finals.

Game appearance

SD avatar

Inakuni Raimon SD Avatar Haizaki Ryouhei (Inakuni Raimon)
Seishou SD Avatar Haizaki Ryouhei (Seishou)
TeamSto - Seishou SD Avatar Haizaki Ryouhei (TeamSto - Seishou)
Midsummer SD Avatar Haizaki Ryouhei (Manatsu)


Inazuma Eleven SD

All stats are at S-rank, level 50, limit break 10, fully upgraded, all skills learned and all kizuna unlocked.


  • GP: 226
  • TP: 100
  • Kick: 60
  • Dribble: 46
  • Block: 32
  • Catch: 26

Inakuni Raimon

  • GP: 225
  • TP: 94
  • Kick: 59
  • Dribble: 46
  • Block: 32
  • Catch: 24

TeamSto - Seishou

  • GP: 209
  • TP: 112
  • Kick: 24
  • Dribble: 33
  • Block: 47
  • Catch: 65


  • GP: 219
  • TP: 106
  • Kick: 61
  • Dribble: 42
  • Block: 33
  • Catch: 24


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Manga only
Anime & manga only


  • He's known as the Devil of the Field (フィールドの悪魔(あくま), Fīrudo no Akuma).
    • His dub title is the Demon on the Pitch.
  • According to Hino Akihiro's interview, his number at Inakuni Raimon (14) is a reference to Kidou Yuuto's number at Raimon (14 too) one year prior. But Hino let viewers imagine whoever picking the number is, Haizaki or Kidou.
  • Haizaki is the only first year member in both Seishou Gakuen and Inakuni Raimon.
  • In Inazuma Eleven SD, his element was changed to earth for the second half of the "Midsummer Soccer Festa" event.
  • Haizaki is the first character Hino revealed when he teased a new project starting with "イ".
  • He appeared as an obtainable Yo-kai in the collaboration with Yo-kai Watch Puni Puni, another game made by Level-5.


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