Hat Caps emblem

Hat Caps (ハットキャップス, Hatto Kyappusu) is a game exclusive team introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy.


This team can be challenged as the second team on Kanda Satoko's right taisen route. All members are at level 28.


  1. Sarashina (GK)
  2. Doigaki Hajime (DF)
  3. Robin (DF)
  4. Pantsu (DF)
  5. Military (MF)
  6. Nichou (MF)
  7. Peter (MF)
  8. Hat (MF)
  9. Banchou (MF)
  10. Dream (FW)
  11. Shinomata (FW)
  12. Ten Gallon (GK)
  13. Shakou (GK)
  14. Idetaka (DF)
  15. Kaitou (FW)
  16. Arigeita (FW)
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