Hiura Kirina

Hiura Kirina (氷浦(ひうら) 貴利名(きりな)) is a midfielder of Inakuni Raimon in Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin. He previously played for Inakuni before it got disbanded. He also plays as a midfielder for Inazuma Japan in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


Hiura has spiky light blue hair and light purple eyes. His casual outfit consists of a white hoodie sweater with black stripes, black pants, and black shoes.


Hiura is a supportive and caring person towards his teammates from Inakuni Raimon and Inazuma Japan. He is also shown to be very observant and detective-like, for example, when he knew that Mutekigahara Fujimaru was Li Hao. When Asuto and Ichihoshi went missing in the forest, he sprang into action immediately and played the role of a detective.


Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin

Hiura was a part of Inakuni before it got disbanded by their coach, Fuyukai Suguru. After his best friend Inamori Asuto tried to stop the workers from demolishing the soccer field, Hiura was the one who told Asuto that he had to go to the hospital because of his mom. The next day, the team and Kozoumaru Sasuke decided to go to Inazuma Town to play soccer there and Hiura talked to his grandmother about his decision. Leaving Inakunijima, they arrived at Inazuma Town while staying at the Kogarashi Manor and the players became members of Inakuni Raimon. Their first match was against Seishou Gakuen but Hiura and his teammates were easily overwhelmed by the players of Seishou Gakuen, losing 1-10.

The next day, Inakuni Raimon woke up in the Kogarashi Manor and Norika texted with her mother. The team ate their breakfast before heading off to Raimon to train for their next match. While they were training, they were introduced to their coach, Zhao Jinyun, and they heard about the set-up of the Football Frontier, which revealed that Inakuni still had a chance to advance to the national block as long as they win their next matches. They then talked about their next opponent, Minodouzan, and they find it weird how their coach wanted to strengthen their defense instead of coming up with a strategy to bring the wall down. The coach gave another weird training where Hiura and Iwato Takashi were excluded from others, giving them chores to do instead while the match was coming up. The next day, Inakuni Raimon received new uniforms from their sponsor, which made the players happy, and photos were made from them for their Eleven License. During the match between Inakuni Raimon and Minodouzan, Hiura remembered the training he was given by the coach and revealed his new hissatsu, Koori no Ya. With that hissatsu he was able to pass over Rensa The Wall to Asuto, who scored the second and winning goal for Inakuni Raimon. The team didn't have a match for some days and some members decided to go watch the match between Seishou Gakuen and Kidokawa Seishuu but Hiura wasn't one of those members. Sometime later, the team was depressed as they had to play against Mikage Sennou without their coach because he got arrested. They still played their match against Mikage Sennou and the team started with an all-out charge, leaving their side of the field open. Inakuni Raimon managed to play well since they still received orders through their Eleven Band from the coach. In the end, they won with a score of 4-0 and sometime after the match, they had a meeting about their upcoming opponent, Teikoku Gakuen with their coach, who was back from jail.

The match against Teikoku Gakuen started and Inakuni Raimon easily took the lead since Teikoku Gakuen's players weren't used to their shoes. Hiura received the ball from Michinari Tatsumi and he moved up with the rest of the team, passing the ball to Hiyori Masakatsu. Near the end of the first half, almost every Inakuni Raimon player tried to score a goal but they weren't able to since Teikoku Gakuen's defenders kept blocking them, except for Asuto's, which scored the second goal for Raimon. The first half then ended with Inakuni Raimon's players being exhausted since they used up their stamina and they weren't fully rested for the second half, causing Teikoku Gakuen to easily catch up with them and scoring some goals. The coach then gave an order to use the "game" they played during training which helped them to save some stamina. After Inakuni Raimon scored the third goal, Teikoku advanced and Jimon Daiki used Judge Through on Hiura. Inakuni Raimon decided to use their trump card at the end of the match and Asuto, Kozoumaru and Umihara Norika used Hokkyoku Guma 2gou to score the fourth and winning goal for Inakuni Raimon.

To make it to the national block of the Football Frontier, Inakuni Raimon had to face one more opponent in their Kanto block and they had to win that match as well to be sure to have a spot in the top two. It was revealed that their original opponent had to withdraw from the match, so Inakuni Raimon faced Seishou Gakuen once again since their opponent forfeited as well. Later that evening, Later that evening, Hiura was talking with Asuto and Mansaku Yuuichirou about the conversation Asuto heard earlier between Haizaki Ryouhei and Nosaka Yuuma. The next day, Inakuni Raimon trained for their rematch against Seishou Gakuen. Seishou Gakuen quickly took the lead with Haizaki scoring three goals for them since nobody was able to steal the ball from him. The first half ended with Inakuni Raimon unable to score a goal. During half time, Asuto motivated his teammates to still have fun in soccer even though they were losing at the moment and his teammates agreed with him. The second half started and Inakuni Raimon's movements changed as they quickly scored their first goal with Kozoumaru's Fire Tornado. Sasotsuka Eiji received the ball from Haizaki and Hiura approached him to steal the ball but he passed the ball before Hiura was able to. Mansaku managed to steal the ball and Inakuni Raimon advanced through the field with Hiura being a part of the attack. To score the third goal for, Inakuni Raimon used Marionette Attack to prevent Seishou Gakuen from stealing the ball. With Seishou Gakuen's players being out of stamina, Inakuni Raimon counterattacked and Hiura used his combination technique with Asuto and Kozoumaru, Meteor Drop, to score the fourth goal. In the end, Inakuni Raimon won the match with a score of 5-4 and they celebrated their victory.

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin

Hiura and his team were present at the ceremony where the member of Inazuma Japan were announced with Hiura being part of the midfielders selection. The players who were selected, aside from Nosaka and Nishikage Seiya, then came together wearing their uniform and went to their training facility with the bus. After they arrived there, the team was introduced to their coaches and managers as well to Ichihoshi Mitsuru, a soccer player from a Russian club. The next day, Clario Orvan appeared, using Diamond Ray which nobody was able to stop, and Hiura along with four others met Mutekigahara Fujimaru later that night who challenged them to steal the ball from him.

The day of their match against Red Bison arrived and Hiura asked Asuto if he was still hurt from the soccer battle they had with Mutekigahara, mentioning that his strength was the real thing. The match started and Red Bison used Tokkou Buffalo Train, which Hiura dodged although he was surprised that he was able to dodge it. After Asuto dodged Baek Shi-Woo's rough play, Hiura realized that the soccer battle they had with Mutekigahara helped them to dodge the rough plays of Red Bison since Mutekigahara used rough plays as well. The five players who faced Mutekigahara then advanced by dodging Red Bison's rough plays and Hiura passed to Kidou, who started Juu to Gou, in order for Gouenji Shuuya to score a goal with Last Resort. However, quickly after the kick-off, Gouenji got injured and that made his teammates worried about his injury with the first half ending quickly after. During half time, Hiura was still worried about Gouenji's injury but he was surprised about that Goujin was warming up since Hiroto was warming up as well. After making the switch, the second half started and Hiura was shocked that despite the rivalry between Haizaki and Hiroto, they still brought the ball up. Endou stopped Baek's Red Break and Hiura went to the loose ball but Lee Dong-Hyeok was faster and scored the second and tying goal for his team. Seok Min-Woo got injured by his own teammates, which shocked most of Inazuma Japan's members, and Hiura later was a part of the tactics, Angel Robe. In the end, Inazuma Japan won with a score 3-2 and the team celebrated their victory in the locker room.

Inazuma Japan came to the hospital to visit Gouenji. Hiura and the others were a little bit confused when they heard Goujin Tetsunosuke was going to replace Gouenji as an ace striker until he would be healed and back to the team. During the meeting coach Zhao Jinyun revealed that he wasn't able to get any pieces of information about their next opponent, Australia, so he let them do what they wanted and practice in the way they wanted. After the training Hiura and his teammates from Inakuni were wondering what sort of team Australia was like. Unexpectedly Ichihoshi came and brought them a video with their opponent's training. They saw well-built players with great physical strength, who was their total opposite. Ichihoshi offered them special training using the tires and they agreed. Later coach Zhao appeared and asked Hiura, Inamori Asuto, Goujin, Fubuki Shirou and Kazemaru Ichirouta to go shopping. In the market, Hiura noticed the same cap as Mutekigahara Fujimaru was wearing when they met earlier. Hiura stated that he was interested in him and wondering why someone with such abilities, wasn't in the national team. They decided to look for Mutekigahara along the river and indeed he was there relaxing. Hiura approached him demanding some answers about who he was but Mutekigahara only smiled and said he was just a kid who loved fishing. Hiura stated that his plays weren't at the level of someone who only loved fishing and Mutekigahara asked if they wanted to fight soccer with him again, what Hiura confirmed. Unfortunately, this time they were beaten just like before and Hiura kept asking Mutekigahara who he was since his name was clearly fake. He didn't deny or confirmed Hiura's revelations and let him uncover his real identity until the next time they met. Hiura promised to solve this mystery in the name of his grandmother, which clearly confounded Kazemaru.

Just right after the match with Australia began, strange events occurred, Asuto easily lost the ball what deeply surprised Hiura. Asuto stated that the opponents didn't behave like on the video they watched before. After Shining Satans scored their first goal, Inazuma Japan stood trying to figure out what has just happened and they all agreed something was unusual. Hiura was wondering if they were really devils since the ball disappeared during the match. It was revealed that the Australian team was using hypnosis against Inazuma Japan and Raimon Natsumi advised the team to close their eyes while playing. Kidou explained to them what they should be aware of. When Inazuma Japan figured out how to avoid hypnosis, Australia started to use mirrors hidden in their cleats to blind Japan's players. They blinded them one by one and shot two other points in a short time. In the second half of the match Haizaki Ryouhei started to play rough and aiming at Ichihoshi. Only a few Japan's players knew what was going on. Shining Satans decided to exchange players and Luci Fanos appeared on the field. He quickly targeted Sakanoue Noboru and running towards him, cut his leg with blades hidden in his cleats. Sakanoue managed to outsmart him later and using Hiura's Koori no Ya uncovered his real intentions. Hiura was really impressed by Sakanoue's abilities and couldn't believe he learned it just like that. When Endou Mamoru finally figured out how to stop Time Trance using his Fuujin Raijin Ghost, Hiura was shocked by his incredible technique. Later Hiura used his Koori no Yari to pass the ball far away towards the opponent's goal and Haizaki, Fudou Akio and Kidou combined it into a new technique Death Crusher Zone, thanks which they managed to tie with Australia 4-4.

When Asuto was hit with a shot intended for Ichihoshi, he left the field and Hiura kept asking if he was alright. Later when the match ended with the winning of Inazuma Japan, Hiura with other Inakuni players gathered around Asuto and were talking about what he's done. When the team celebrated their success, Kidou informed them about the suspicious behavior of Ichihoshi and his intentions to hurt Endou earlier, which clearly shocked them. Japan's players agreed to help Kidou to eliminate Ichihoshi from the team, when the men from FFI bureau came in and investigated their lockers. When they found a small box with pills in Kidou's locker, they accused him of doping and took him away. Inazuma Japan stood confounded and disoriented.

The team was practicing before the next match against Uzbekistan's Eternal Dancers. As always it wasn't just ordinary training, but something special prepared by their coach Zhao, this time it was relaid. Hiura stated that the relay means they would be working on their high power output. After they finished, Kazemaru asked them to do another different training, what the team accepted with reluctance. Unexpectedly Endou got arrested after he was assaulted on the street by some people. The team got shocked when coach Zhao informed that they would play their next match without Endou, who would be replaced by Nishikage, an excellent goalkeeper as well. Without the leader on the field, Inazuma Japan wasn't able to cooperate with each other and their play was a mess. They easily lost two points after Dost Gales shot with his Requiem Dust. When the first half of the match ended, the team sat at the bench exhausted and depressed. Before the match resumed Nosaka Yuuma appeared at the team, which immediately raised their morale and the fighting spirit, his return was like a spark of hope for them. Later on the field, he initiated with Asuto, Hiura, Ichihoshi and Fudou their tactic Ouja no Takuto, to get through Uzbekistan's defense, thanks which Haizaki and Hiroto scored the first goal for Inazuma Japan. When Eternal Dancers started to play rough, Nosaka easily managed to avoid them and tied with his new technique Gekkoumaru Tsubame Gaeshi. Uzbekistan's team kept the pressure on Inazuma Japan and Dost Gales stole the ball from Hiura, tripping him up. Nosaka decided to use their new tactic which turned out to be Grid Omega version 2.0. It was revealed later that the team practiced it before not even knowing that after Kazemaru asked them for training.

After Uzbekistan got injured, they quickly lost their stamina and couldn't even execute a new tactic Eternal Run. Nosaka stole the ball from Onakhon Ims and at the end, Asuto scored the winning goal for Inazuma Japan. After the match ended Hiura gathered with other teammates around Nosaka and everyone praised him for his actions. Later when Endou came back from the arrest, Japan's players were talking about strange events that occurred in the FFI so far. Hiura agreed that this tournament was completely different from how he imagined it would be. Coach Zhao came and revealed to the team the truth about the tournament. He told them about an organization called the Orion Foundation which controlled the soccer and about their Disciple of Orion who were sent to different teams to spy them and affect the result of the matches. Hiura stated that controlling match results to the point that they were willing to injure players was insane. The team agreed that Ichihoshi should be eliminated from the team according to what he's done. When Endou refused it, they heard about the tragic past of Ichihoshi and his obedience to the Orion Foundation because they took care of him when he was alone. The team decided to help Ichihoshi when Iwato Takashi revealed that he was a penpal friend with Ichihoshi's younger brother, which clearly shocked Mansaku Yuuichirou and Hiura. Iwato explained that Ichihoshi Hikaru was seriously ill and Ichihoshi cooperated with the Orion Foundation in order to help him to be cured. Inazuma Japan decided to save Ichihoshi and Nosaka revealed that he had a plan.

Before the match with Saudi Arabia's team Arab no Hinotori Gundan the Inazuma Japan trained with a special device that could help them avoid the rough plays. Later during the meal, Hiura warned Asuto, Iwato, and Goujin not to eat so much because they wouldn't be able to move around. When Kazemaru got injured after Saudi Arabia's players kicked his leg, Hiura came to him with the others wondering if he was alright. Later the same happened to Fubuki and Japan's players were seriously worried about his condition. Despite all troubles, Haizaki and Hiroto managed to score their first goal for Japan. When Saudi Arabia's players got new orders from their coach to counterattack, they started to pass the ball from the lofty position and Hisoka Masoka easily took the ball from Hiura. The opponents quickly initiated their tactic Driblaze to get through Japan's defense and they all were pushed away. Later Hiura was easily passed by Dorgan Butler. When Asuto was wondering why Nosaka made an overhead, Hiura explained that he wasn't in his normal condition and couldn't risk hurting his head. If he got too many hits on the head, he could not play soccer again. Hiura stated that they should ease the burden on Nosaka now. When Nosaka and Ichihoshi fell on the field after they were trying to catch the ball, Hiura smiled with relief. He explained to Asuto and Haizaki Nosaka's plan to make Ichihoshi choose between continuing to play corrupt soccer and betray himself or pursue real soccer. Haizaki stated that he couldn't know what Ichihoshi would choose and Hiura confirmed that no one knew what would be Nosaka's condition if he took that hit. Nosaka risked his own life to implement his strategy.

After Ichihoshi was hit by the falling meteors from Red Hot Chili Meteor he left the field and the whole team surrounded him confounded by his unusual behavior. Nosaka revealed to the team that he bluffed about problems with his head and it turned out that Kazemaru and Fubuki were only pretending that they got seriously injured. Coach Zhao, Kudou Michiya and Nosaka revealed to the team the true about Ichihoshi's past. He was the younger brother who lost father and brother in a car accident years ago. Because he was alone and in despair he assumed his brother's personality to become stronger, being at the hospital he was a Hikaru and outside he was like the older brother Mitsuru. The team agreed that Ichihoshi should continue the match and Hiura with the others protected him during play, passing him the ball as well. Later Ichihosi managed to unite with his deceased brother and he combined two personalities into one strong and powerful. In the end, Inazuma Japan scored their second goal and won this match.

Before the match with the Chinese team Soccer Zatsugidan, coach Zhao prepared a meeting on which he informed the team about Li Kobun leaving Inazuma Japan, according to an unavoidable family emergency. When all teammates were wondering what happened, Hiura said calmly that Li definitely had more important reasons to leave, than stayed with his team now and he showed them his outstanding abilities when attacked five players at once. Hiura stood up and with pointed finger revealed that Li Kobun was, in fact, Mutekigahara Fujimaru. I took off his mask and revealed to the team his real face, confirming what Hiura just said. The team was shocked, especially those who were fighting with him earlier with the ball. Coach Zhao explained to them that his true identity was Li Hao, a forward from the Chinese team and the Zhao's supporter since he became the coach of Inakuni Raimon. Li told them about his past, stating that their main goal wasn't the winning of the tournament. When Goujin was wondering why Zhao didn't tell them anything and let Li train them earlier, Hiura explained that it was obvious that they wouldn't agree to train with the player from the opponent team. Thanks to Li they were able to avoid rough plays from the Red Bison before, all his actions leveled up Inazuma Japan's abilities. When Li left, coach Zhao revealed that their real goal was to release soccer from the Orion Foundation.

When Ichihoshi and Asuto didn't appear the whole day and it started to rain heavily, Hiura decided to investigate this mysterious case. He checked their rooms, the canteen area and he finally figured out the missing poster on the board, which invited for a trip to the waterfall in Fuji forest. In the late evening, the team found Ichihoshi and Asuto leaving from the forest. They were all happy that the duo was safe and everyone ensured Ichihoshi that he was the part of the team, especially Goujin opened his heart and greeted him effusively, causing the team laughing.

Hiura was clearly shocked after he saw a message from coach Zhao about his absence in the final match with China. But later, when they were talking about his strange behavior, Hiura agreed with Asuto that coach often did similar things, he was even arrested earlier and then came back to the team. Before the match started the team realized that the Chinese coach was, in fact, their coach Zhao Jinyun. Hiura approached him with Goujin, Mansaku, Asuto, Iwato and Ootani Tsukushi. He asked if he was going to be in disguise. Zhao denied his real identity and Chinese manager Li Yuchen stated that the fact he was here was natural since his country of origin was China. Asuto asked if he became their enemy and Zhao confirmed, revealing that he was preparing for that from a while ago, which shocked the team. Li Hao appeared, stating that the Chinese team was going to win and knock them down with all the powers they got. Zhao added that this match was serious because the Orion Foundation didn't affect it. Later when Asuto stated that he was getting excited because of fighting with their coach, Hiura agreed with him smiling. This time he was sitting at the bench with the others, watching Inazuma Japan struggling with their opponent. After Endou conceded two goals, Kudou Michiya told the team story about three arrows that we're unable to broke being together. Later he let Nishikage and Saginuma Osamu enter the field in order to protect the goal together with Endou, which clearly shocked the team. After a few attempts, they finally combined their powers into one mighty hissatsu The Asura, thanks which they blocked Li Hao's shot. Hiura and the others were stunned by the huge strength of this technique. However, when afterward Haizaki and Hiroto were trying to score a goal, the Chinese team shook off and their goalkeeper Kung Fuche easily stopped the ball with Ryuujin Tessen.

When coach Kudou told Goujin to enter the field, Hiura was really surprised, it was an unexpected decision. Later Goujin made a huge impression on players, scoring the first goal for Inazuma Japan with his new powerful technique Fire Lemonade Rising. The match was resumed and Haizaki immediately took the ball from China, which excited benched players, with Hiura, Mansaku, and Iwato cheering him up. Chinese team responded quickly with a new tactic Minna de Jiangshi which blocked Japan's moves. Later thanks to Nosaka's idea, Japan managed to outsmart China and Fudou shot the second goal. Getting a tie aroused the enormous enthusiasm in Japan's team. When at the end of the match Li Hao and Zhou Xing were running towards Japan's goal, Hiura started to worry after they got through Japan's defense. He was shocked seeing later that The Asura was on the edge of a break but with the help of Haizaki, Nosaka, and Asuto they managed to protect the goal and won this match with 3 points.

Inazuma Japan was invited for a send-off party which was held by the World Soccer Association. During the party Spanish team Muteki no Giant was revealed to be their first opponent in the FFI tournament in Russia. Before the departure Hiura along with the other Inakuni Raimon players, came to school to visit their old teammates. To their surprise, there was a small party prepared by their families who gathered together to host them before they left for Russia and Hiura finally met with his beloved grandmother.

Hiura and Asuto were very excited about the first flight in their life. Once they landed in Russia, Asuto was still impressed of the foreign country and kept looking around, to which Hiura said that if he continued to behave like that, they would draw someone's attention. Later when Inazuma Japan met with Spanish and American teams, everyone was warmly welcomed by the Russian captain Froy Girikanan. He denied rumors about the Russian players being Disciples of Orion. While Japan's team was waiting for the bus, Gouenji, Kazemaru, and Endou were talking about their former match with Spanish team Barcelona Orb which they lost with 13 points. While they were on the bus, Hiura and the others were feasting their eyes on the beautiful landscapes. He made a photo for his grandmother when Goujin suddenly asked if they were prepared well for the journey as he was. It turned out that he took a sheepskin coat because of the cold climate in Russia. When Pampietta wasn't able to talk sense, Hiura started to wonder if he was even a real guide. Later they were visiting the city of Kazan and went for a dinner where they met with some Spanish players. At their campground Kazan Soccer Center they met with their new physical trainer Sekiya Tomoari and began their training before the upcoming match with Spain.

The match with Muteki no Giant was hard from the beginning. Hiura tried to steal the ball from Reinaldo Baraja sliding, but he managed to avoid it and ran towards Japan's goal. Hiura was surprised by his unusual speed. Spain quickly got the first point, their play was overwhelming. As Hiura stated their moves were so fast that he couldn't even see the ball. Soon Clario scored the second goal, after he misled Endou, making his Diamond Ray curving. Later thanks to Fubuki brother's shot Inazuma Japan got the first point and everyone celebrated their success. In the second half of the match, Japan used a different strategy. When one player fought with the opponent, another supported him from behind. Hiura helped Asuto when he clashed with Luther Fandam and saved him before he fell. Later he supported in the same way Kazemaru. When Goujin tried to score with his Fire Lemonade Rising and Alonso Fibiano protected the goal, Hiura told Goujin that he couldn't beat him by just forcing shoots through. Later Goujin along with Atsuya tricked Alonso and scored the second goal for Japan, tying 2-2. However soon Bergamo Regult and Luther got the 3rd point for Spain when they used Twin Lancer and blinded everyone, what made them unable to do anything. Hiura couldn't believe what happened, they managed to tie and now they were still behind with 1 point. When Japan used Last Resort and it failed, Hiura was shocked that Spain blocked it. Later he watched Asuto running through the field, impressed that he managed to get so far all alone. Asuto finally scored the 3rd goal for Japan and the match ended with a draw. Although they didn't beat Spain, Hiura stated that it was a really satisfying game.

Hiura along with Hiroto, Mansaku and Sakanoue kept training before the upcoming match with Star Unicorn. As Sekiya stated it was perfect for their legs’ muscles. When they finally finished, Hiura fell on the field exhausted, stating that doing chopok was really tough. Later Ootani Tsukushi informed the team about the result of the match between America and Russia, which was 2-1 and now Star Unicorn was the leader of group A. After the training before the match with America, Sekiya ordered free time for everyone. Hiura along with other Inakuni players were waiting for a delicious dinner, which was prepared by their managers. When Endou came back from American campground and informed everyone what happened, they were worried and anxious. Later Aphrodi, the captain of Zeus team, joined Inazuma Japan. He made a huge impression on everyone and Hiura along with Mansaku and Iwato offered a hand to welcome him warmly. Soon Aphrodi challenged forwards for a mini-game 4vs4 to which coach agreed and ordered others to join them. Watching his teammates Hiura stated that Aphrodi put the pressure on them immediately. Finally, it was Aphrodi who scored the first goal and his team won. Hiura along with the others approached him, admiring his skills. When unexpectedly Asuto appeared, Hiura asked what happened because he seemed to be sad, but Asuto denied that something was wrong.

Before the match with Navy Invader began, Hiura along with his teammates watched the opponent's players carefully. As he stated all of them were members of Orion. The match started with Japan's kick-off. Soon after Hiura lost the ball when Convoy appeared out of nowhere. Later Navy Invader used their tactic Jiraigen which changed the field into the minefield. When the match resumed and Hiura approached American half of the field, he suddenly stopped, scared of what could happen. Shakey used his hesitation and stole the ball from him. As Nosaka stated they had to focus on the defensive, until they figured out how Jiraigen worked. Later Hiura got the ball and suddenly Convoy and Shakey appeared on his sides, they clashed with Hiura and pushed him directly into the minefield. Hiura wasn't able to break free and was hit by the explosion. He left the field and was sitting on the bench until the match ended. Finally, Inazuma Japan managed to win with a score of 4-3.

Hiura read the letter that Asuto left to his teammates, in which he informed that he found his dad and was going to spend some time with him. Hiura remembered that Asuto's mother revealed that his father was alive. Hiura was wondering what his father could do here in Russia if he wasn't a professional player anymore. When Haizaki doubted whether it was real Asuto's father or not, Hiura agreed with him. It was suspicious that he contacted Asuto now in Russia after all these years. Later they decided to search him in the area. During the breakfast, they were still talking about Asuto's disappearance. Hiura immediately began to behave like a detective. The later coach informed that Asuto called him and he would be fine, he would come back later because he had some affairs with his father. Hiura smiled happily, with a relief. When Umihara Norika appeared before the team, former Inakuni players got really excited. Hiroto commented that there was no need to make so much noise for nothing but Hiura denied that it was, Norika completely changed her appearance. During the training another new member joined the team, Hiura thought it was Gouenji himself, claiming that even he changed his image. However, it wasn't Gouenji but Kozoumaru Sasuke. Not only the appearance but also his behavior changed. When Hiura heard about his extreme training in nature, he stated that Kozoumaru would show them now his wild plays, that they haven't seen before. Despite all expectations, Kozoumaru beat Saginuma with a normal shot and Atsuya with his old Fire Tornado. His plays were completely ordinary and average however Hiura was still waiting for some new technique that was created after Kozoumaru's training and taming the bear.

When Nishikage reminded that Froy denied about their connection with Orion, Hiura wondered whether it could be even truth. Soon after the kick-off he passed the ball to Saginuma, but Viktor Sedov easily stole it and Froy quickly scored the first goal for Russia. When Kozoumaru managed to tie using Over Cyclone, Hiura finally saw his wild technique. Later Ichihoshi stole the ball from Froy using Blue Stardust and Japan had a chance to attack. However, when Nosaka passed to Hiura and he shot with Koori no Yari, Russian goalkeeper easily blocked it. Soon Russia initiated their tactic Aurora Wave and suddenly Hiura covered his eyes with hands. Although he wasn't able to judge what happened, soon they figured out that Perfect Spark used against them tear gas. It was just the beginning of unexpected events that occurred later. Russia exchanged two players with Malik Kuabel and As Inam and the later soon overwhelmed the opponents with his play. First, he surprised Hiura when passed him the ball, then used Inabikari Dash and Shining Bird to score the second goal for Russia. Hiura and the others were dumbfounded. During the break, Sekiya revealed that As joined Perfect Spark just before the match and it was obvious for Hiura that it was connected with Asuto's disappearance. When the match resumed Japan's team couldn't focus on play, Hiura along with Mansaku and Norika kept asking Asuto what happened, trying to force him to talk. When they realized that Asuto was fighting, they decided to help him. Hiura was deeply shocked when Asuto paralyzed Nosaka using his band, it was something that he couldn't accept. Later Kozoumaru decided to get rid of Asuto and hit him with his Fire Tornado, shocking everyone at the stadium. Hiura stated that he used the same methods as Orion and couldn't believe that it was the way Kozoumaru wanted to win. However, later he agreed that what he did was justified and thanks to Kozoumaru they woke up. When the match was near to the end, Russia kept the pressure on Japan and coach Zhao decided to replace players by three forwards. Soon Haizaki scored the second goal, but Perfect Spark managed to get another point using underhanded methods and won this match. Later Japan's team noticed that player who they thought was Asuto, turned out to be someone else and they all were tricked. Although after the loss with Russia they were depressed, soon Sekiya revealed that Japan advanced to the finals thanks to the goal difference. When Asuto unexpectedly appeared in Japan's camp everyone was shocked and happy at the same time, and Hiura asked him to tell about his father.


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  • He's known as Icy Smile (氷の微笑 Koori no Bishou).
    • In dub version, it is said that he has a cool-as-ice smile and good looking, which is attractive to ladies, even though he has no interest in romance.
  • The first kanji in his family name (氷) means "ice", a reference to his techniques Koori no Ya and Koori no Yari.
    • His dub name Valentin may refer to his birthday, which is also Valentine's Day.
  • He and Mansaku are Asuto's best friends.
  • Out of the seven players formerly belonging to Inakuni Raimon (as of episode 34 of Orion), Hiura is the only one to retain his number from a club level being the number 7.


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