Holy Road (ホーリーロード, Hōrī Rōdo; dub: Saints' Way) is a soccer tournament, Inazuma Eleven GO's equivalent to the original series' Football Frontier.


Holy road tournament

A Holy Road poster.

Although it is a soccer tournament, it is also an election to determine the leader of youth soccer, the Holy Emperor. At the start of the series, the Holy Emperor was Ishido Shuuji.

After Raimon won the Holy Road tournament, Ishido Shuuji was replaced by Hibiki as the new Holy Emperor, who brought back real soccer.

The Holy Road tournament is being controlled by Fifth Sector. The national phase of the tournament is besieged in the Russian Roulette.

Participating teams

Kanto Region Block A

Kanto Region Block B

National teams



Holy Road stadiums

The Russian Roulette.

A list of matches that are under the Holy Road tournament.

Kanto Region preliminaries



Holy Road participants

The Holy Road participants (except for Aoba, Teikoku) at the selection ceremony for the FFIV2.