Hyouketsu no Gungnir (氷結(ひょうけつ)のグングニル, Hyouketsu no Gunguniru, lit. Freezing Gungnir) is a shoot hissatsu technique.



Inazuma Eleven AC: All Stars


The two Fubuki brothers practiced this technique before Inazuma Japan left to Russia. They completed the technique, but it turned out to be a forbidden move, which injured Shirou's ankle.

During the match with Muteki no Giant, the two used this technique, as a final move for Shirou. It blasted past Alonso Fibiano, giving Inazuma Japan their first goal, making the score 2-1.


This hissatsu requires two players. The first player kneels on the ground, brings his arms to his side, looks up, and howls like a wolf as an aurora borealis background appears. The ball appears above the first player, and becomes a sharp and spiky ice ball that also raises spiky icicles from the ground around the player. The icicles freeze the person, who then breaks from the ice, leaps up and spins, then kicks the spiky ice ball toward the goal. The ball, with a bright icy blue aura, will spiral towards the goal.

Then the second player rapidly runs beside the ball and does quick cartwheels, producing a red fiery aura. The red aura touches the moving ball and combines to make a huge blue and red snowflake with the ball in the center. When the second user kicks it, the overall hissatsu makes a fast-moving ball, pushed by a light blue aura surrounded by red flames, flying to the goal.






Hyouketsu no Gungnir Lanza Nórdica Congelada Inazuma Eleven - Orion no Kokuin

Hyouketsu no Gungnir Lanza Nórdica Congelada Inazuma Eleven - Orion no Kokuin

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