Ibrohim Abi (イブラヒム・アビ, Iburahimu Abi) is a defender for Eternal Dancers.


He has a muscular body, tanned skin tone and is tall in height. His hairstyle is similar to Raimon Souichirou's, being dark-brown hair, styled into a braid and shaved at the sides with sideburns. He also has gray eyes.


After Eternal Dancers weren't able to finish their tactic Eternal Run, Inazuma Japan regained the ball and started to counterattack. They approached to opponent's goal and Ibrohim stated that Japan dared to underestimate them. He stood in front of them with Majid Azel and together blocked Haizaki Ryouhei that he couldn't pass the ball to the other Japan's players. However, after the while he passed the ball to Inamori Asuto who easily scored their fourth goal and Inazuma Japan won this match.


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