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Ice Ground (アイスグランド, Aisu Gurando) is a block hissatsu technique.

Game description

Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha

  • "Freeze an opponent with a captivating ice skating display!"


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Inazuma Eleven

Fubuki Shirou first used it in the match against Raimon in episode 32. And later against Gemini Storm in episode 34 to stop Reize. In episode 61 Ice Ground was used again but couldn't stop Gran as he broke through it.

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin

Fubuki used Ice Ground during the match between Inazuma Japan and Red Bison. He succeeded in stealing the ball from Baek Shi-Woo and prevented him from approaching the goal any further.

Ice Ground was used again during the match between Inazuma Japan and Shining Satans. Fubuki tried using it to steal the ball from Satan Gaul, but because of his trick play, he failed to do so. Later, he tried it again, and this time, because Kira Hiroto interrupted Satan, Fubuki was able to steal the ball.

Fubuki used Ice Ground once again during the match between Inazuma Japan and Muteki no Giant. As he saw that Reinaldo Baraja tried to hurt Inamori Asuto by using blue dust, he used Ice Ground on Asuto and saved him from hurting his leg.


In the original anime series, the user slides forward with one foot in front, and extending their arms out, before crossing them and jumping in the air. The user spins around in the air while snowflakes begin to drift around them. The user then extends their arms out again and stomps on the ground, creating large spikes of ice that cover the enemy. If successful, the user bends back with the ball on their chest and an arc of white snow drifts in behind them.

In Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin, ice begins to form on the ground and crawls toward the enemy. The user slides on the ice, and curves around in front of the enemy before using one foot to jump up and spin in the air, crossing their arms in the process. As the user comes back down, they uncross their arms and raises their right foot to slam the ground, causing large spikes of ice to form, eventually reaching the opponent and freezing them.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

  • Technique shop in Abookle Street (アブックルストリート) on Sazanaara, 760P



Original series

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin


Original series


イナズマイレブン - アイスグランド - Inazuma Eleven - Ice Ground

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin


Inazuma Eleven Orion No Kokuin Ice Ground



Inazuma Eleven 3 Sekai No Chosen The Ogre - Ice Ground

Chrono Stone game


Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono Stone Ice Ground

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013


IE GO Strikers 2013 - Ice Ground