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Ichihoshi Hikaru

Ichihoshi Hikaru (一星(いちほし) (ひかる)) is the one of the main characters in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin. He plays as a midfielder for Inazuma Japan. He enters Outei Tsukinomiya after the Football Frontier International ends.

Due to a tragic accident, he had Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), having a dissociated personality based on his deceased brother Ichihoshi Mitsuru.


Inazuma Eleven SD

  • "Part of a club team in Russia during his study abroad there. He joins Japan's national team after being recruited for his experience overseas. There's a strange mark on his leg...?"
Mitsuru (Werewolf)


Hikaru has black eyes with a light blue center, and dark blue short hair that ruffles outwards. When he thinks he is Mitsuru, his hair puffs outwards slightly, and his pupils contain a bright blue ring. His casual outfit consists of a black hoodie with a blue jacket and gray-green trousers with black shoes.

His Orion mark is above his left ankle, on the outside of the leg.


When Ichihoshi was young, he was a very cheerful and nice boy, very enthusiastic as well. All of the time, he supported his older brother and tried to help him improve his abilities. He was very attached to his brother and proud of him. After the car accident, to get over the despair of losing his father and older brother Ichihoshi Mitsuru, and to endure this painful circumstance, he tricked himself to become his strong brother.

In the early of the season, as Mitsuru, he acts very polite and friendly, as well as helpful to other teammates when he is being benched; as Hikaru, without being aware of his split personalities, he is very positive and keeps supporting his brother to play soccer at his best. When Hikaru was staying in the hospital, he was a pen pal with Golem. They seemed to be close enough that Hikaru shared his backstory to Golem.

After his spy identity is revealed, he becomes nastier and more serious, spending most of his time alone and rarely smiling, refusing help from others. He really loves soccer, thus why he feels conflicted whenever he uses soccer to harm people, questions himself if "Hikaru" would forgive him. According to Nosaka, he probably deceives himself into believing that he's a villain because he's unable to endure his own actions. Fortunately, thanks to the care and help of his teammates, he finally opens his heart, realizing his actual desire. By accepting the fact that his brother is dead, he awakes his true self which is Ichihoshi Hikaru and uses his analytical ability.

After coming back to be his true self Hikaru, he uses polite-formed speech with everyone older than him, but talks more casually to Asuto, who is one year older than him. He's also more keen, hardworking and voluntarily takes on the chores around the camp to please his teammates because he's terrified of losing his newfound friendship and being alone again. He still feels regretful of everything he did as "Mitsuru", and is scared that he may become the burden to the team as he was Orion's disciple. He cares deeply about his teammates and describes being with them as being in a warm blanket and feeling sleepy. He is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it meant fighting against his friend Froy.


Sometime before the ceremony, Ichihoshi landed in Japan with the plane and went to the ceremony where it was revealed that he was selected as a member of Inazuma Japan. They later went to the place where they were going to train for the upcoming matches and when he went out of the bus, Inamori Asuto approached him and they introduced themselves to each other. Ichihoshi then revealed that he was a member of a Russian club before he came to Japan to play for Inazuma Japan. The next day, Clario came to Inazuma Japan's first training and showed their difference in level when he was able to score a goal with Diamond Ray, which nobody was able to stop. The day of the match against Red Bison arrived and Ichihoshi was benched for the match while he muttered that Inazuma Japan will lose the match. When Gouenji was injured after he tried to score a goal again for Inazuma Japan with Last Resort, Ichihoshi helped him to walk to the bench. During half time, Ichihoshi gave Gouenji more ice for his knee injury. In the end, Inazuma Japan won with a score of 3-2 and Ichihoshi looked at Baek Shi-Woo when he went off the field. Sometime later in the night, before he visited Endou Mamoru's room, he stood in front of it and stated that he'll be the next target. Entering the room, Ichihoshi said that he was Endou's fan and asked him if he could play in the next match to which Endou responded that he was looking forward to his plays. After the conversation, Ichihoshi went for a run and he looked down where his Orion mark was located at the bottom of his left leg, revealing him to be a member of the Disciple of Orion.

It was revealed that Inazuma Japan's next opponent was Shining Satans, but Zhao Jinyun didn't manage to get any info about them, so the team went to train for their next match without having any idea what kind of plays Shining Satans has. Ichihoshi asked if Endou could join him in practice and since he agreed, Ichihoshi was excited that Endou was going to check out his plays. During their training, Ichihoshi kept shooting at Endou, but he managed to catch all of them and Ichihoshi went to shoot once more but this time, a spike appeared on the ball when he touched and clicked a button on the ball, saying that he'll be finished with this one. Endou was quick to dodge the ball when Kidou warned him. Ichihoshi picked up the ball and pretended to not know where the spike came from, but Kidou thought differently and blamed him for it. Endou broke up the two and Ichihoshi apologized to Endou for it with Endou saying that there wasn't a reason for him to apologize for. Their coach approached the duo and he said that Ichihoshi will be starting for the upcoming match, causing him to be excited. Sometime after the training, he was outside with a lighter and said that Endou was his original target, but changed to Kidou. The next day, Ichihoshi went to talk with Hiroto after seeing his practice with Haizaki and said that it wasn't his fault and that he should make up with Haizaki, but Hiroto stated that he wasn't bothered with it. Hiroto left and Fudou appeared in front of Ichihoshi and wondered what he was up to, but that he also didn't care about it. He later went to the Inakuni Raimon's players and showed them a video of Shining Satans' training, offering his help to train them on physical combat since they saw that in the video. At the end of the day, he overheard the conversation that Haizaki and Kidou had about darkness and light in Haizaki's life. Kidou stated that the light he is looking for may be found across the ocean. Then Ichihoshi muttered that Haizaki will be devoured in darkness before he'll be able to get there.

The match between Inazuma Japan and Shining Satans started and the Inakuni players realized that Australian players behaved in a completely different way that Ichihoshi showed them on video. After a series of strange events, the team understood that Australia's been using some trick against them. Kidou stated that it was possible that someone among their team cooperated with the opponents and Haizaki confirmed it might be Ichihoshi. When Ichihoshi denied that, he also warned Kidou to be careful during the match to avoid injuries like Gouenji got before. The first half ended and Zhao revealed to Kidou that Ichihoshi was a national goodwill ambassador since he played at least 2 years in a foreign country. Zhao was required to have Ichihoshi play in every match or else his reputation as coach will be put at risk if he didn't let Ichihoshi play. The second half was about to start when As Taroth and Sar Gatanas talked about Ichihoshi's role as a Disciple of Orion, smiling to Ichihoshi. After Haizaki and Hiroto got the ball, they hit Ichihoshi twice which surprised their teammates and the Shining Satans players. Haizaki and Hiroto kept shooting to Ichihoshi and the other Australian players. When Ichihoshi fell down after being hit by The Explosion, Asuto approached him and asked if he was alright and helped him to stand up. Ichihoshi said that they might be aiming at him because they didn't like his plays. When Inazuma Japan made their comeback, Ichihoshi tried to stop them but he got hit by Death Crusher Zone since he was in the way, with Death Crusher Zone scoring the equalizer for Inazuma Japan. Kidou approached him to give him a hand to stand up. However, when Ichihoshi grabbed his hand, Kidou let him go and said his hand slipped, causing Ichihoshi to mutter that he would never forgive Kidou. With five minutes left to the end of match, Kidou, Haizaki and Hiroto kept shooting to Ichihoshi but Asuto blocked a shoot from Haizaki. While sitting on the bench, Ichihoshi asked Asuto why did he protect someone like him and Asuto explained that soccer shouldn't be used to hurt someone. Ichihoshi thanked him and in the end, Inazuma Japan won the match against Australia with a score of 5-4.

The team celebrated their success and Kidou revealed that he suspected Ichihoshi to be a traitor. When he persuaded team to eliminate Ichihoshi, a man came in and doping was found in his locker, causing him to be accused of doping. Ichihoshi was happy to see that Kidou got disqualified but he denied to Haizaki that he was involved in this. He also warned Haizaki to quiet down if he didn't want to lose his soccer carrier like Kidou did. He was very grateful to Asuto because with his help he was able to dispose a nuisance. After that he met at the stadium with Shinjou Takuma from the Orion Foundation. They talked about Kidou and Orion's plan to create the perfect world. While Ichihoshi was resting at the lake, Haizaki and Hiroto arrived and they threatened him, trying to punch him as well. Goujin, Asuto, Ootani and Endou stopped their attack with their coach arriving as well and stated that Ichihoshi was innocent until proven guilty. While the team was training before their next match against Uzbekistan's team, Eternal Dancers, Ichihoshi was thinking about Endou being a pillar of Inazuma Japan team after Kidou and Gouenji were gone. Later Endou came to him and told that everyone had a place where they belonged and Ichihoshi's place was with his team, he had friends here as well. In the flashback, it was seen how Ichihoshi was playing soccer with his brother. Before the match started, Ichihoshi hired some people to assault Endou on the street. Because of that Endou got arrested and couldn't play in their next match. When he confronted with the people he hired, it was shown that he knew how to defend against physical attacks. When the first half of match ended, Nosaka Yuuma appeared before the team and Ichihoshi was shocked when he saw him because he was sure that he eliminated all obstacles on his way. During the match he communicated with the other players of Uzbekistan's team and he passed the ball to Nosaka to catch him in a trap of Eternal Dancers players but Nosaka managed to avoid their attack. After Inazuma Japan won their match against Uzbekistan, Ichihoshi tried to accuse Nosaka of doping, the same way as he did it to Kidou. However Nosaka outsmarted Ichihoshi and managed to change doping drugs into a chocolate candies. Ichihoshi confronted Nosaka and Ichihoshi got mad.

After Endou left arrest, he revealed to his teammates that Ichihoshi had a car accident as a child and lost his father. After that the Orion Foundation took care of him. Iwato Takashi admitted that he was a penpal friend with Ichihoshi's brother Hikaru. Because he had a serious illness, Ichihoshi decided to cooperate with the Orion Foundation and do everything to cure him. Iwato stated that no one like Ichihoshi loves soccer. Inazuma Japan decided to help Ichihoshi and Nosaka revealed that he had a plan. Earlier Ichihoshi had a secret meeting during which he was informed by Girikanan that his brother's fate depended only on Ichihoshi's actions so it is extremely important to be obedient to what they said. The only way to save him was a surgery carried out by a specialist in a hospital in America. In exchange Ichihoshi had to play soccer for the Orion Foundation in the way they wanted. When Ichihoshi returned from the meeting, he met Endou who offered him help. He ensured Ichihoshi that the team would always be with him, no matter what happened and they would help him in trouble as well. However, Ichihoshi said that he would do everything by his own and didn't need anything from them. In the flashback it was seen that Hikaru was talking about Ichihoshi and how his soccer encouraged him to fight with his illness. It also showed that he was very proud of Ichihoshi. He moved in a wheelchair. As he stated playing soccer was fun but he loved watching his brother play even more. And if Ichihoshi can play soccer instead of him, it would make him happy. In the evening Ichihoshi was seen in his room lying in bed, in despair. He promised again that he would save his brother. He had tears in his eyes and asked himself why he was playing soccer, also stated that his soccer sucked.

Ichihoshi had a dream in which he was playing soccer and his brother was cheering him up from the stands. They were talking about their father who was going to watch the next match. Later the car accident happened and Ichihoshi was trying to get out his brother form a smashed car. It seemed that their father was dead. When Ichihoshi woke up, he found a letter from Iwato in which he informed him about training and asked him to join. Ichihoshi was annoyed because he didn't intend to participate in anything and stated that he is their enemy. However, later he watched his teammates and stated that Kazemaru Ichirouta and Fubuki Shirou are the key players in the next macth against Saudi Arabia's team Arab no Hinotori Gundan. Later Ichihoshi had a conversation with Girikanan in forest. It was revealed that date of Hikaru's surgery has been set. But it would be carried out only under condition that Ichihoshi would be completely obedient to the Orion's Foundation. If he fail, next chance to have a surgery may happen in several years in the future. The man in black suit gave to Ichihoshi a special button which should cause a bus accident while Inazuma Japan will be driving on the match. Ichihoshi was shocked hearing that because he still remembered what happened to his family. Girikanan stated that nobody will die but some people could be injured seriously. In spite of all doubts Ichihoshi agreed to use this button. On the bus he was very nervous and his colleagues started to worry about him and kept asking if he was alright. When he was trying to push the button, he was scared by Goujin and dropped the device on the floor. Goujin accidentally stepped on it but nothing really happened except for some problems with Haizaki's music player. When Inazuma Japan arrived at the stadium, Ichihoshi tried to explain to Girikanan why he failed, but he didn't believe it. Ichihoshi promised again to crush Inazuma during the match.

When the match started, he approached to Andreas Bebo and revealed him that the key players are Kazemaru and Fubuki and the team were practicing how to avoid fouls as well. Unexpectedly Andreas told him to shut up and called him incompetent fool. Another player from Saudi Arabia, Hisoka Masoka, warned Andreas not to talk to Ichihoshi. Ichihoshi was shocked and angry. After Fubuki was attacked, he decided to push him to help opponents players injure him. He was happy that everything was going according to his plans. However, despite of all troubles, Inazuma Japan managed to score the leading goal, after injured players were replaced by Iwato and Mansaku Yuuichirou. Ichihoshi was shocked that his teammates were not in despair and were still able to play. When Andreas and Hisoka passed by Ichihoshi, Andreas pushed him, which caused him to fall. They told to Ichihoshi that they've heard about his incompetence but didn't think he would be this worthless, called him failure as well. Ichihoshi was left alone on the field, asking himself what was he doing. The match continued but for Ichihoshi it was just a beginning of his struggle. Inazuma Japan kept attacking, Hiroto was trying to shot with The Explosion but Saudi Arabia's goalkeeper, Falcon Ali, managed to stop it with his technique, Dynamic Corona. After Saudi Arabia's failed counterattack, it was time for Inazuma Japan to show what they got. Nosaka looked at Ichihoshi, stating that he was the only person who would decide about the ending of this scenario. Ichihoshi was under huge pressure and completely confused what he supposed to do and what he would like to do, what was wrong and what was right. He struggled with his doubts. Unexpectedly Asuto passed the ball to Ichihoshi, he got it and in spite of everything he moved forward to the opponent's goal. On his face, happiness and anger, could be seen alternately, he started to recall memories of his brother and times when they played soccer together. It caused chaos in his head and thoughts. Clashed between joy and fear, he finally managed to shoot but he missed and ball hit the post. Right after Asuto came to Ichihoshi and praised him for what he's done. Ichihoshi instantly remembered his brother cheering him up to play. He was torn between obedience to Orion's orders, willing to save brother and the joy of rediscovering free football. Soon Andreas approached him and told that this was his last chance and now his target was Nosaka, he should aim at his head.

While Haizaki and Asuto were arguing, they saw Ichihoshi and Andreas together and Haizaki stated that he was planning something for sure again but Asuto trusted Ichihoshi, saying that soccer would show Ichihoshi who he really was. Later Nosaka jumped in to the air to get the ball. Ichihoshi approached him with his leg dangerously close to Nosaka's head. He kicked the ball and they both fell on the field. Nosaka said to Ichihoshi that he made a choice to face his real self. With so many feelings kept so long inside, he should follow his heart's voice and it would definitely show him the right way. Nosaka gave him hand and helped him to stand up. Ichihoshi after a moment of hesitation, grabbed his hand. The match resumed and Ichihoshi was passing the ball, just as his teammates were doing. He began to run towards the opponent's goal with joy, with ever-grater passion. The Arabian defender Pekka Ream called him a traitor, Andreas also threatened him and told that he missed the last chance. When the Arabian defender used his technique, Red Hot Chili Meteor, Ichihoshi continued to run among the falling meteors and smoke. While doing so, the thoughts about his past and brother suddenly came back and Ichihoshi stopped torn, losing the will to fight, fell on his knees on the field and shouted his pain. Meanwhile, the powerful meteor was approaching inexorably, the Japan team was shocked with Asuto shouted Ichihoshi's name in fear. When the meteor hit Ichihoshi, the first half of the match ended. With Asuto's and Nosaka's help, Ichihoshi left the field and sat on the bench, being totally stunned and confused. He felt guilty that he wanted to hurt someone. He whispered that he only wanted to play soccer again with his brother. When Nosaka revealed that Fubuki and Kazemaru simulated their injuries and practiced during a special training how to pretend, Ichihoshi seemed to feel relieved. Nosaka confessed that he felt good and the information that something was wrong with his head, was fake, thanking Ichihoshi for protecting him earlier.

Asuto asked Ichihoshi why he didn't tell them about his problems because they knew that he wasn't a bad person. Hiroto suggested that with the help of his father, he could fund the operation for his brother and the winning of Inazuma Japan in the tournament would provide them a sponsor, so then the costs of the operation can be refund. Coach Zhao then came and explained that he asked Kidou to carry out the investigation because of strange behavior of Ichihoshi. When Kidou went to the address from where the letters to Iwato were sent, he got to the hospital. However, in the room where Ichihoshi's brother was supposed to stay, he found no one as the room was empty. Ichihoshi didn't completely understand what was going on and where his brother was. He was convinced that he must be in the hospital, making Haizaki wonder if him having a brother was real. Kudou Michiya explained that Ichihoshi had a dual personality, his and his brother. Coach Zhao added that Ichihoshi's brother died with his father during the accident. Iwato understood that he didn't correspond with Ichihoshi's younger brother but with Ichihoshi. Nosaka explained that Ichihoshi wrote letters himself when he assumed the personality of younger brother Hikaru. When he was outside the hospital, he behaved as the older brother Mitsuru, thus Ichihoshi having both personalities. Zhao explained that the only way to save Ichihoshi was to combine both personalities into one with a chance that they could fall apart if it failed. Ichihoshi's feelings and memories were very strong and only he could help himself return to his former state. The coach mentioned how the brothers played soccer, being children, how soccer was their passion and connected them. However, Ichihoshi broke down and the whole terrifying truth didn't reach him. Endou, therefore, proposed that they would continue to play with Ichihoshi in team with soccer healing him. Asuto said that it would be successful when they put their whole heart into the game. The team agreed and Ichihoshi returned to the pitch.

On the filed, Ichihoshi was still in disarray, he was running with the ball once and then was losing it to the opponent, not trusting his skills as a footballer. Inazuma Japan supported Ichihoshi constantly and helped in the game, passing the ball when he lost it, as well. They encouraged him to fight all the time. Suddenly Ichihoshi stopped and thought, remembered how Endou supported him earlier, as he talked about the team and Ichihoshi's place with them, as always Asuto was on his side despite the circumstances. Memories of conversation with his brother came back to him. In this flashback, Hikaru felt like he didn't have enough physical strength to become a football player like his brother. Mitsuru assured that thanks to his advice he managed to achieve what he had and together they became one team. They would always play together and get the world. In his thoughts, Hikaru assured him that he was all right now and didn't want him to suffer any more. Mitsuru was sad and he said it was not Hikaru's fault, he wanted to believe that he was still alive. He wanted to play with Hikaru and he owed him everything what he achieved. Hikaru said that in his heart they would always be together, while playing soccer as one team. When Ichihoshi returned to reality, Andreas was already running towards him to attack him, but he cleverly passed him, which surprised the whole team. Ichihoshi stopped, straightened up and exposed his face. Finally, the real Ichihoshi appeared as Hikaru, his true identity. The coach revealed that Ichihoshi's brother died after the accident, just after he pulled him out of the crushed car. It was Ichihoshi who was younger and his name was Hikaru. Mitsuru was in fact an older brother whose personality Hikaru assumed, while he was desperate and completely lonely in a hospital after the accident. Thanks to his older brother, he became stronger and merged. Mitsuru was characterized by extraordinary physical strength and Hikaru had an analytical abilities, being combined into one perfect whole. Ichihoshi now ran confident, efficiently, using tricks and avoiding opponents. Thanks to analytical thinking skills, he was able to predict the opponent's movements and counteract their actions. Pekka Ream once again attempted to use Red Hot Chili Meteor against Ichihoshi, but he managed to avoid it with success. Ichihoshi finally came to terms with himself. At the end of the match he passed the ball to Haizaki and Hiroto as they scored a goal with their spectacular shot Penguin The God & Devil, making Inazuma Japan win with a score of 2-0.

During the supper, it was noticed that Ichihoshi wasn't there. Asuto and Haizaki found him on the stairs, when he intended to leave the camp. He said that he stayed too long in one dream and didn't forget what he did to the team, that's why he would like to leave. Nosaka then appeared and stated that he was interested in Ichihoshi. His analytical abilities were amazing and necessary in a team, wanting him to be his supporter, as an empire of tactics. Later other teammates came with Endou saying that Ichihoshi could do it. They came up with the idea to eat something and had different proposals where to go. In the end, Ichihoshi smiled with tears in his eyes, surrounded by his colleagues. Ichihoshi decided to stay with Inazuma Japan. He was trying to be useful for everyone, helping the team in everything during the training, during the meal, even cleaning the bathroom. Asuto and Iwato noticed that Ichihoshi overburdened with all these duties and Asuto suggested him going for a trip to see waterfall in the forest. Despite his hesitations, Ichihoshi agreed. Unexpectedly they were attacked by furious dog and started to run when Asuto used his technique Inabikari Dash, in the end they got lost. It turned out that they weren't able to read the map and both phones and bands were out of range. They decided to walk further and Asuto suggested they could play soccer, making a ball from their jackets. So while playing they went deeper into the forest. When they had no idea where to go, suddenly wooden board appeared in the bushes with the proper direction. Finally they found the waterfall, which surprised them because they expected something much bigger and impressive. They were scared by an old man with the big basket of cucumbers, who told them story about Kappas living there. When it started to rain, they decided to back to the camp and the old man show them the way. When they were running, Ichihoshi slipped on a wet track and fell down, as well as Asuto who was trying to help him. The bad weather forced them to hide and wait for the dawn for the trek back to the camp. Asuto revealed that he wanted to talk with Ichihoshi and told him that he was already in a team, he shouldn't feel guilty or bad. Hikaru confessed to Asuto that he didn't want to be alone or rejected by the team and he was trying desperately not to be disliked by them. Asuto explained Ichihoshi that friends weren't about liking or hating each other, but something just more natural. Even if you were angry or hurt each other, you could still say honestly what was bothering you. When they were almost near to way out, they saw a road between trees, that was hidden a seconds ago. They went down straight to their teammates who were searching them for hours. It turned out that thanks to Hiura's investigation the team found out where Asuto and Ichihoshi could go. When Ichihoshi was trying to say sorry for trouble his teammates, Gouijn unexpectedly grabbed him and knocked him down, surprising everyone. But Goujin by his behavior wanted only to emphasize fact that Ichihoshi didn't need to sorry for anything, he was already their friend and part of the team. It was the essence and the meaning of the team to embrace each other. Mansaku added that there was no need for Ichihoshi to restrain himself, they aimed indeed for a common goal. Hiura and Iwato confirmed that they were friends and Ichihoshi, deeply moved with their words, thanked the team. Goujin hugged him firmly with smile, making all teammates laughing. While they were going back to the camp, Ichihoshi thought that Asuto intentionally lost them in the forest to make it easier for Ichihoshi to fit in with the others. But Asuto denied and said it was kind of the last-minute decision, which surprised Ichihoshi. Hiura asked them how was the waterfall and Asuto confirmed there was a Kappa too, which clearly made a huge impression on Tatsuya.

Ichihoshi gathered with the team when they were going to the stadium for the final match with Soccer Zatsugidan. He looked at Goujin who kicked strongly with his leg showing his excitement, which caused him to feel pain. Ichihoshi was wondering if Goujin would be alright then. Later he watched the message from their coach about his emergency operation and was a little bit confused about what he saw. During the match China initiated their tactic Shourinji Kousoku Juuhachijin, which disoriented the Japan's team with the illusion of too many players on the field. Nosaka asked Ichihoshi if he was ready with his analysis but he still kept trying to discover the secret of Chinese team actions. Nosaka was worrying that if they delayed more, it would be difficult to turn away the result of the match. Later Ichihoshi was seen in Goujin's flashback, stating that his shot Fire Lemonade was too weak for the world's level players and he should work to improve the weight of the ball as well. Ichihoshi together with Nosaka prepared a special training for Goujin, which was climbing the Mount Fuji, while dribbling with the ball. When Asuto used later his technique Inabikari Dash to mark the Chinese captain Zhou Xing, Ichihoshi understood that they could outsmart them synchronizing with the opponents’ movement and speed. After Goujin scored the first goal for Japan, the whole team stood happy and proud of him.

Ichihoshi kept trying to finish his analysis of the Chinese players. When China used Minna de Jiangshi and blocked Japan, he watched their moves stressed out. Later when they used another tactic Mouko Shuurai he was pushed away with the other players. When Chinese team barred again Japan, Nosaka asked them to surround Asuto. Then Li jumped to catch the ball and he stopped surprised because Asuto didn't have it. Ichihoshi managed to break free and ran towards the Chinese goal which was empty. He passed to Fudou who scored with his Maximum Circus and tied 2-2. Before the match resumed Ichihoshi approached to Nosaka saying that he finally completed the analysis. He was also sorry that it took so much time but Nosaka stated that he was the only one who could do it. Ichihoshi smiled grateful for these words. They explained to Asuto that from the beginning of the match Ichihoshi was analysing the abilities and movements of the Chinese players to find out everything about them. Thanks to this later Ichihoshi initiated the new tactic, The General in which he passed all data about China to Nosaka, who later sent it to Japan's players, showing them the exactly tracks they should follow. With this strategy Japan managed to break through the Chinese defense and scored another goal, which gave them the lead in the match. In the last minutes China attacked again with new Li's and Zhou's shot Tenhou Chiretsu but Endou, Saginuma and Nishikage managed to stop it with the help of three more players. Inazuma Japan finally won the final match and was ready to face the world.

After the press conference the team gathered to welcome Zhao and Li. Ichihoshi began to get nervous when the coach mentioned again about the Orion Foundation and their influence on soccer. Zhao also warned the team that they could expect the Disciples of Orion in most of the representative teams. Later Kidou and Gouenji appeared before Inazuma Japan, which surprised them a lot. Ichihoshi approached to Kidou clearly affected and bowed, saying sorry for what he's done to Kidou before. After a moment of silence Kidou looked at Ichihoshi, stating that he always paid his debts. An unknown man showed up, looking exactly like the FFI administration bureau employe and gave Ichihoshi a small box, which reminded those that Ichihoshi put earlier to the players’ lockers. He told Ichihoshi that they found this box in his room, wondering if there were doping drugs inside. When Ichihoshi opened it, some plush toy jumped out and he saw a message from Kidou not to worry about anything. A mysterious man introduced himself as a Hakamada, Kidou's family butler and Kidou gave hand to Ichihoshi, stating that they should now fight together in Inazuma Japan. Ichihoshi shook his hand, feeling relief and joy.

During the party held by the World Soccer Association, Ichihoshi as usual was kind and helpful to his teammates, serving them dishes perfectly composed according to their culinary preferences. It was revealed later that Japan would play first match against Spanish team Muteki no Giant. Unexpectedly some of Spanish players appeared before the Inazuma Japan with Shinjou Takuma. He introduced himself to Japan's team as a proxy of Girikanan, the chairman of the World Soccer Association and later cordially greeted Ichihoshi. The team asked if he knew Shinjou and Ichihoshi explained that he was Girikanan's right hand in the Orion Foundation. They met again at the deck and Ichihoshi asked if he was going to eliminate him in the same way as the others who failed. But Shinjou denied and even apologized Ichihoshi for what happened with him. He revealed that felt a relief when he saw that Ichihoshi was going well and found himself in the team. Shinjou explained that he didn't approve Orion's methods and they could be often problematic. However, he would like to act in a careful and transparent way in every case. Ichihoshi listened to Shinjou deeply shocked, it was something he wasn't used to during previous cooperation with Orion. Later Ichihoshi felt uncomfortable when he saw Girikanan in a direct online broadcast, talking about their plan of the Perfect World that exists according to specific rules.

When his teammates were visiting their schools and met with families and friends before the departure to Russia, Ichihoshi stayed at the camp and was talking on the phone with Froy, captain of the Russian team. He was very excited about his upcoming departure which was a great opportunity to see each other again. Ichihoshi informed Froy that his name has changed and he wasn't Mitsuru anymore. Froy knew by his behavior that there was something more behind it. He was also wondering how was it possible that Japan's team won the preliminaries. Ichihoshi explained him that Inazuma Japan became strong, they've worked hard together for their success and the team could now achieve everything. Ichihoshi seemed to be very calm and relaxed and the conversation passed in a pleasant atmosphere.

Ichihoshi seemed to be worried during the flight, in his flashback it was shown that he was talking with coach Zhao about removing him from the team. He was afraid that his past in the Orion Foundation would affect somehow the team and he didn't want to trouble them again. When Zhao asked if he was going to betray them again, Ichihoshi denied, stating that playing soccer made him happy and he respected all his teammates. Coach explained that there was no reason to worry about anything. Later Ichihoshi was wondering whether Orion would try to hurt his friends, if so he would fight with them, even if the price was Froy become his enemy. When they finally arrived to Russia, they were welcomed by Froy and the Russian team. When he revealed that they were able to play any position depended on the situation on the field, Ichihoshi understood that it would be very difficult to analyze them with so many data.

While the team was visiting Kazan, Ichihoshi was sitting alone, lost in thought. Unexpectedly, his phone rang and it turned out to be Froy who was also in the city and noticed Ichihoshi. He asked if Ichihoshi was glad with his return to Russia. His strange mood didn't escape Froy's attention. Ichichoshi was startled with Froy's cordiality, claiming that he was connected with Girikanan. However, Froy pointed out that it didn't matter and was really happy that their friendship didn't change after Ichihoshi turned into Hikaru. What's more Froy revealed that something happened in his life as well but he would tell about it another time. Later, Ichihoshi watched Haizaki, Asuto and Nosaka trying to master Gouenji's technique Last Resort. When they couldn't succeed it, he stated that something was missing here.

As it was expected the match with Spain from the beginning wasn't easy. The quick passes and experience of the world-class team made many troubles for Japan. Already at the beginning Clario scored first goal using his signature shot Diamond Ray and later again when he transformed it into Magaru Diamond Ray. Despite the constant evolution of Endou and his new techniques, Japan still had problems with getting a point. It only succeeded with Fubuki brothers' combination shot, after which Fubuki had to leave the field because of his injuries. However earlier, when Fubuki Atsuya attacked the goal, his all shots were stopped. Ichihoshi noticed that the goalkeeper moved in the direction of the ball as if he immediately predicted where it would go.

During the break Ichihoshi looked once again on the field and told Nosaka that the weakness of the Spanish team was their strong psychique. They charged through the defense without avoiding them. When Spain regained the ball after Atsuya failed to shot, Clario moved to attack, passing everyone on his way. Ichihoshi stated that he was able to pass through them even before they were able to form a double block formation. Later along with Nosaka they wondered again why Alonso Fibiano didn't stop Fubuki brothers' shot and the others did so without any problem. When Goujin later attacked the Spanish goal and wanted to shoot with the Fire Lemonade Rising, unexpectedly Domelgo stood in front of the goal and obstructed Alonso's view. Ichihoshi noticed that Alonso panicked and tried to see from behind what Goujin was doing. Finally he managed to defend the goal but Ichihoshi understood his secret. It turned out that he was able to predict the course of the shot by looking into the player's eyes. Thanks to that he could prepare perfectly to defend the goal. Ichihoshi explained that thanks to Goujin he discovered the Alonso's secret. Soon after Inazuma Japan initiated tactic The General and each player received exact instructions on what to do. Thanks to this strategy Atsuya scored the second goal for Japan. However their joy didn't last long when after the match resumed, Bergamo Regult and Luther Fandam scored the third goal for Spain, using new technique Twin Lancer which completely blinded and surprised Japan.

Everyone was stunned, barely able to understand what really happened. Nosaka stated that Inazuma Japan was a team whose strength was an excellent teamwork and trust in each other. In all of this they didn't take into account that their fatigue and exhaustion could significantly affect the quality of their game. Ichihoshi admitted that they trusted too much in team's plays and Spain, watching them during the match, without any problems caught their weakness. Even Nosaka and Ichichoshi couldn't notice anything until it was too late for reaction. According to Ichihoshi's words now the greatest Japan's weakness was the moment in which they were passing the ball. Because they were too tired they weren't able to pass precisely and the trajectories of the ball was different one than they had predicted. Unexpectedly Endou called Nosaka and Asuto, asking them to use the Inazuma Japan's secret weapon. Nosaka misunderstood that he meant Gouenji's Last Resort. He approached to Ichihoshi and explained that according to captain's wish they were going to use it. Ichihoshi was deeply shocked since this technique wasn't complete yet but ineeded still had a lot of strength. There was a chance that it would succeed so despite all doubts they decided to try it. As it was expected they didn't manage to break through the Spanish defense and Clario easily blocked it along with Domelgo Dominguez and Rufino Avalos, using new technique The Shelter.

As it turned out later Endou's secret Japan's weapon wasn't hissatsu technique but Asuto's dribbling. When Ichihoshi thought about it he understood that in fact no one was able to block Asuto during the match, he got unusual ability to adapt to the other players’ game and perfectly controlled the ball. Ichihoshi was surprised with Endou's great analytical sense but Nosaka stated that it was rather something like intuition. After all Asuto passed all players on his way, although they were trying to stop him when they realized what he was intending to do. Japan scored the third goal, tying with Spain and soon after the match ended. As Ichichoshi explained even with the draw now, they still had a chance to leave the group. Later Ichihoshi met Froy who congratulated him great play and stated that he couldn't wait for their match. Ichihoshi assured him that now Japan was stronger and could compete with Russia. Froy noticed that Ichihoshi has truly changed, now when he combined two personalities of Hikaru and Mitsuru into one, he became quite different person. Ichihoshi was surprised by these words but Froy said that since they were best friends he knew everything about him and it was all obvious to him. Ichihoshi seemed to be a little bit sad and lost in thought, saying that now Froy might not understand him. As Ichihoshi explained when he became a member of the team his teammates were the most important, he wanted to grow in strength with them. Their presence made him feel good and safe. Froy was surprised by these words and wondered what was more important, whether the team or the best friend.

Later it was revealed that Russia lost its match with America. For Ichihoshi it was a huge surprise, he knew Froy's abilities and Russia was a strong team. Fudou started to wondering was it deliberate that they lost and Ichihoshi couldn't judge this, taking into account that Froy denied their association with Orion. When Ichihoshi heard about new team Navy Invader that replaced Star Unicorn in the tournament, he was thinkig whether they were connected with Orion. Although Nosaka stated that seals weren't visible to the naked eye, they could assume that they all were disciples of Orion since their play and moves were remarkably coordinated.

When the match with Navy Invader started, Ichihoshi was trying to analyze their moves however, it seemed that they didn't have any weak points, their teamwork was perfect. When Japan managed to tie 1-1, Navy Invader used their unusual tactic Jiraigen. Ichihoshi tried to understand the meaning of their strange moves. Soon after Fudou and Hiura got injured and left the field, Inazuma Japan desperately tried to defend themselves and figure out what was the secret behind this. Ichihoshi agreed with Nosaka that it was impossible to use real explosives, watching the empty field Ichihoshi was wondering where was the answer, apparently he wasn't able to see it yet, he must have missed something. When Aphrodi used again Heaven's Time and stir up a cloud of dust, they noticed small tornadoes on the field. Ichihoshi was amazed when he saw it and asked Nosaka how they managed to figure out that. Nosaka explained that Sakanoue was hit before he touched the ground. Later Ichihoshi along with Aphrodi, Nosaka and Asuto were kicking the ball into these tornadoes to destroy them. Thank to this field was cleansed and Aphrodi scored the second goal for Japan. Soon Navy Invader tied 2-2, using another dirty tricks. Aphrodi along with Hiroto and Nosaka shot with their new technique GGG Senjou no Aria thanks which Japan took the lead. Ichihoshi was deeply shocked watching Iwato, it seemed that he stood still but in fact he was just spinning around with high speed. When Star Unicorn's trio joined Navy Invader, America quickly scored the third goal. Finally at the end Inazuma Japan won with a result of 4-3.

It was revealed that Perfect Spark beat Invincible Giant with a score 6-0. Ichihoshi said that while watching the match between Russia and Spain he didn't notice any dirty tricks or fouls, Russia's play was just overwhelming. He was wondering if it was possible that they have gone easy in their previous match just to give America the winning goal. Hiroto joked that Ichihoshi was an ex-member of Orion so he knew their methods and tricks perfectly. Ichichoshi replied that he would use all his knowledge as an adviser of the team. When Nosaka recalled Froy's words that there were no Orion players among his team, Ichihoshi stated firmly that Froy certainly didn't lie. Some time later when it turned out that Asuto disappeared, Ichihoshi remembered that he saw him in a nearby park, as he was talking to some man and was wondering whether it could be his father. If he was his real father, would he take Asuto away from the team in such a crucial time? Finally they decided to look for Asuto in places where he could stay. On the next day coach calmed down everyone and informed that Asuto was safe with his father. When later Umihara Norika joined the team, Ichihoshi along with Kazemaru wondered if now there would be four goalkeepers in the team.

Before the match began, the team was talking about Froy who denied that they were affiliated with Orion. Ichihoshi turned to Froy and looked at him clearly sad and worried, wondering whether he was lying or not. He was really impressed when he saw Norika's technique Majin The Wave, which she created after hints from Endou. Froy was smiling despite that he didn't score and cheered Viktor Sedov up to further fight. Ichihoshi felt a huge relief that Froy and his team weren't defiled by Orion after all. Soon Kozoumaru took the ball and had a great opportunity to show what he got. Although his passes were precise, his teammates weren't impressed at all. When Nosaka stated that his plays were good and static, Ichihoshi understood his point of view. Kozoumaru played calmly, but he was hiding inside wild and fierce dynamic plays. Ichihoshi was really happy playing now with Froy seriously and fair. In Froy's flashback it was seen how they played, being still Orion trainees. Ichihoshi was angry because Froy was lazy and lost with him. As Ichihoshi stated he should play seriously and try harder, considering that many people couldn't play even if they wanted to. If he didn't try, he wouldn't be able to move forward. His words and true passion touched Froy very much, from that day he put all his efforts to improve himself. Playing real intense soccer he was truly happy and satisfied, just like during the match with Japan. He praised his opponent and felt motivated watching their plays and it was all thanks to Ichihoshi who inspired him years later. To much Ichihoshi's surprise Perfect Spark used their tactic Aurora Wave which affected Japan's players in a very strange way. They weren't able to see anything and rubbed their eyes. As it turned out later it was one of the Orion tricks because Russia used tear gas against the opponent. Ichihoshi couldn't believe that Froy accepted it but later he saw him leaving the field with his teammate Viktor Sedov. Ichihoshi tried to stop him, but Froy only asked him to play again the real soccer one day.

When the team realized that new Russian player As Inam was in fact Asuto, they kept asking him what happened, trying to force him to remember who he was in real life. Ichihoshi understood that he could have been brainwashed by Orion. Later he along with Nosaka tried to counterattacked however, he slipped on the field and barely managed to avoid hitting by small arrows. When it was only five minutes to the end of the match, coach changed players and let three forwards enter the field. Ichihoshi quickly stole the ball from Yuri Rodina, stating accurately that he was feeble whenever he was under pressure. Thanks to their teamwork Japan managed to tie 2-2, after Haizaki scored with his Shark The Deep. However, Russia soon took the advantage when they started to use their bands to paralyse the opponent. Finally they initiated once again Aurora Wave, this time using sleeping gas and broke through Japan's defense, scoring the winning goal.

Some time later Ichihoshi met with Froy on the river bank. While Froy was worried about his disobedience to his brother, Ichihoshi stated that Bernard Girikanan would do anything to achieve his goals. Although he knew about Ichihoshi's mental state, he didn't hesitate to use him. Froy was really sorry about that however, now Ichihoshi was alright, his friends and soccer saved him from darkness. As he stated despite that Orion was using dishonest methods, it was still helping people around the world. When Froy told Ichihoshi about his childhood and his father Valentin Girikanan, who founded Orion, he stated that organization was made to save one boy. It only confirmed that Orion was very important and it should be changed for the better with all powers they got. Froy revealed that he decided for the revolution some time ago and now he needed Ichihoshi's support as his best friend.

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Inazuma Eleven SD

All stats are at S-rank, level 50, limit break 10, fully upgraded, all skills learned and all kizuna unlocked.

"Ichihoshi Mitsuru" New Year - Snowball Fight

  • GP: 223
  • TP: 90
  • Kick: 47
  • Dribble: 63
  • Block: 35
  • Catch: 24

TeamSto - Outei

  • GP: 202
  • TP: 110
  • Kick: 45
  • Dribble: 63
  • Block: 37
  • Catch: 24

Rainy Season

  • GP: 205
  • TP: 102
  • Kick: 50
  • Dribble: 52
  • Block: 31
  • Catch: 24

"Ichihoshi Mitsuru" Werewolf

  • GP: 202
  • TP: 105
  • Kick: 37
  • Dribble: 63
  • Block: 42
  • Catch: 24


Anime only

Inazuma Eleven AC: Dream Battle

As Ichihoshi Mitsuru

Inazuma Eleven AC: All Stars
Inazuma Eleven SD


  • According to his Eleven License, he is known as the Blue First-Magnitude Star ((あお)一等星(いっとうせい), Aoki Ittousei) where he performed the reference technique Blue Stardust.
    • He is also known as The Advisor of the Tactical Emperor, who is scouted by Nosaka since he has good analytical skills.
  • Hoshi (星) means star, refers to his hissatsu and hissatsu tactic The General. Hikaru (光) means light, which implies that he's the Brilliance.
  • Ichihoshi was originally from a Russian football club before being picked for Inazuma Japan.
    • He was in Russia because the Orion Foundation took him there.
    • Ichihoshi played in the same club as Froy Girikanan, Yuri, and Viktor.
  • He appeared as an obtainable Yo-kai in the collaboration with Yo-kai Watch Puni Puni, another game made by Level-5.