Inazuma '13 Emblem in Galaxy

Inazuma '13 (イナズマ'13) is a game exclusive team introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy.


They can be challenged at Roglos Gordon's route, as the 4th team in the top route. The members' levels are at 63.


  1. Phobos Quasar (GK)
  2. Goruji (DF)
  3. Ishigashi Gorham (DF)
  4. Kin (DF)
  5. Flamingo (DF)
  6. Urumi Chapupu (MF)
  7. Mor (MF)
  8. Seren Melvil (MF)
  9. Iiwatto (FW)
  10. Matatagi Hayato (FW)
  11. Ichikawa Zanakurou (FW)
  12. Rydoras (MF)
  13. Tetra (MF)
  14. Bokaku (MF)
  15. Atla (FW)
  16. Kirygy (FW)


  • This team is a mix of characters that appeared in the Galaxy game, hence '13', since the Galaxy game came out of the year 2013.

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