Inazuma Eleven Eiyuutachi no Great Road
Unreleased media
This article is about a piece of media of the Inazuma Eleven universe that has not yet been released. As such, it is a reflection of what is currently known about it, rather than coverage of it as a whole.

Inazuma Eleven Eiyuutachi no Great Road (イナズマイレブン 英雄(えいゆう)たちのグレートロード, Inazuma Irebun Eiyuutachi no Gurēto Rōdo, lit. Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes), is the next game in the main Inazuma Eleven series. The game is slated to be released in Spring 2020.

The game was originally announced as Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin (イナズマイレブンアレスの天秤(てんびん), Inazuma Irebun Aresu no Tenbin, lit. Inazuma Eleven: Scale of Ares)


Information about the series was first released in a Nico Video Stream on June 24, 2016. The series started on an island shaped like the Japanese letter イ, which is the first letter of Inazuma Eleven, but the setting quickly changed to Inazuma Town. Hino Akihiro confirmed that the series will take place during Endou's era, meaning no Keshin or interstellar exploits. This allows the story to focus on youth soccer exclusively, instead of school life or pro leagues like in the previous series.

The game will be similar to what the anime is about, the game takes place in a parallel world of the second game where Aliea Gakuen didn't happen. The original Raimon members are spread across the country to strengthen teams as a "reinforcement committee". Instead of having three main characters from the same team, they are spread across three different schools, Inamori Asuto from Inakuni Raimon, Haizaki Ryouhei from Seishou Gakuen and Nosaka Yuuma from Outei Tsukinomiya.



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