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Inazuma Eleven Everyday!! (イナズマイレブンエブリデイ!!, Inazuma Irebun Eburidei!!) is a game released for a limited time by Level-5 for the Nintendo 3DS platform.


This game can only be downloaded after redeem 2 codes from 2 different titles. The titles which the code is included are:


  • Unlike the other games, you will play either as a boy or girl that is left temporarily by your parents to take care of either Endou Mamoru or Gouenji Shuuya. In the mobile game, you will also get the opportunity to take care of Kidou Yuuto as well.
    • You will play through their lives following the story of the first Inazuma Eleven game with extra details such as eating, sleeping, going to classes and many other daily routines.
  • The game follows the storyline of the first game.
  • The game includes a mini-game of being able to kick the ball back at the character you chose to play with.
  • The game follows the exact time a 3DS is set in, whether morning or evening.




【PV】『イナズマイレブン エブリデイ!!』-0


  • The codes for downloading this game is no longer redeemable, people who already redeemed the codes can still download the game.
  • On 2017, during the Inazuma Walker livestream, Inazuma Eleven Everyday!! was confirmed to have a developing mobile title for iOS and Android for 600 ¥, later named Inazuma Eleven Everyday!!+ (イナズマイレブンエブリデイ!!+(プラス), Inazuma Irebun Eburidei Purasu). It was released on June 30, 2017.