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The Warrior with the Black Bandanna ((くろ)いバンダナの戦士(せんし), Kuroi Bandana no Senshi) is the thirty-seventh episode of the Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin series.

Inazuma Japan is still playing a match against Perfect Spark but Perfect Spark is down two players after Froy Girikanan and Viktor Sedov left their team. They replace them with Malik Kuabel, a player Inamori Asuto met in the Orion training facility, and someone who has his eyes covered with a black bandanna. The match continues but some players of Inazuma Japan notice the movements and techniques the player with the black bandanna makes is very similar to someone they know very well. Is it really him and what did Orion do to him?

Next episode: The Truth About Orion

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