Inazuma Japan
Inazuma Japan Orion Emblem

Inazuma Japan (イナズマジャパン) is the representative team for Japan in the Football Frontier International in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


Inazuma Japan's uniform consists of a navy blue shirt with dark blue sleeves and a red stripe on the sleeve's hem. The collar is white and triangular. Towards the top right of the shirt is the team emblem (shown above). The shorts are dark blue with vertical red stripes on the sides. The socks are also blue with red and dark blue stripes on the hem, along with grey and yellow cleats. As for the goalkeepers, they have a green shirt with white stripes, blue shorts with vertical white stripes, and green socks with white stripes on the hem and Endou's goalkeeper uniform is orange with white and black stripes and yellow shorts with black stripes and orange socks with black and white stripes on the hem. The captain's armband is yellow.


  1. Endou Mamoru (GK/captain)
  2. Sakanoue Noboru (DF/libero)
  3. Fudou Akio (MF)
  4. Fubuki Shirou (DF)
  5. Kidou Yuuto (MF)
  6. Kazemaru Ichirouta (DF)
  7. Hiura Kirina (MF)
  8. Inamori Asuto (MF)
  9. Kira Hiroto (FW)
  10. Gouenji Shuuya (FW)
  11. Haizaki Ryouhei (FW)
  12. Goujin Tetsunosuke (FW)
  13. Ichihoshi Hikaru (MF)
  14. Nosaka Yuuma (MF/secondary captain)
  15. Kiyama Tatsuya (MF/DF)
  16. Afuro Terumi (FW)
  17. Iwato Takashi (DF)
  18. Mansaku Yuuichirou (DF/libero)
  19. Saginuma Osamu (GK/DF/MF)
  20. Nishikage Seiya (GK/DF)
  21. Kozoumaru Sasuke (FW)
  22. Fubuki Atsuya (FW)
  23. Umihara Norika (GK)
  24. Mizukamiya Seiryuu (DF)

Discarded members

Note: In the first episode, these members were invited to the opening ceremony as candidates but didn't get selected.

Hissatsu tactics


  • Inazuma Japan played an entire half against Eternal Dancers without anybody being the captain on the pitch.
  • This team is the only known team in the FFI that the emblem on the uniform is the exact same as the team emblem, as the other team only has part of their emblem on their uniform.
  • They are the only featured Japan representative team to win the match by a score margin greater than 1 doing it on two occasions, the first being against Eternal Dancers and the second being against Arab no Hinotori Gundan.
  • Haizaki is the team's highest goal scorer, scoring on ten occasions, followed by Hiroto, scoring on eight occasions.
  • They are the only Japan representative team not to have a player who plays in every minute of every match.


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