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Irina (イリーナ, Irīna) is Valentin Girikanan's wife and Froy and Bernard's mother. She is the true chairwoman of Orion Foundation.


Irina is an adult woman, she has light blue eyes and short light blue hair. She wears a long light purple dress and a light blue shrug on top of it. She wears blue pears earrings and a pearl collar necklace.


Irina is a cruel person who doesn't care about the methods she uses to reach her goals. She has proven to be a sadistic person due to her actions in which she submitted the entire Italy team to use supporters that took their bodies to the limit in order to destroy Inazuma Japan. She was also cruel before she controlled the Orion Foundation as kid Bernard suffered an obnoxious discipline from her.


Irina was the wife of Orion Foundation's former chairman Valentin Girikanan, who died 8 years before the events of Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin. She sided with her husband in the trips he did around the world to support it with the Orion Foundation, while Valentin took care of saving the people of poor countries, Irina took care of the business analyzing the financial state of the countries in order to make better deals with them. However, in one of the trips Irina found out about one of the country's true plans: even with their people starving, the country invested on creating weapons. She later found out that other countries took such action as well. Irina tried to convince Valentin to leave the countries aside, but he refused, saying that he trusts the countries he's trying to help. Irina could only see him as a hypocrite, which led her to left him.

A time passed and Valentin eventually died. This gave Irina full control over the Orion Foundation. She ruled Orion from the shadows manipulating her son's actions to fulfill her goals and to create the "Perfect World": one were the actions of the evil countries wouldn't exist and eternal peace would rule in a world without weapons. She began taking direct action after Bernard was convinced his methods were wrong with the end of the match between Brazil and Japan.

Her first act as "the witch who rules Orion" was to order the Guardians of Queen to use modified supports in order to defeat Inazuma Japan . Even though she knew the players of Italy may never be able to play soccer again after using those lethal supports, she kept making them use them against their will.

In the final match between Inazuma Japan and Perfect Spark, she hypnotized the entire Russian team, causing them to make foul plays against their opponent. Inazuma Japan, who were quick to find a solution, succeeded in snapping them out of their hypnosis. This upset Irina greatly. As a measurement, she then took the whole statium as her hostage and canceled the match. She offered a deal to the countries that built weapons in order for her Perfect World to exist: in change for monetary ransom, she will free everyone held hostage in the stadium. Inazuma Japan and Perfect Spark could not agree with her and Zhao Jinyun. She watched the final battle between Zhao Jinyuns, an all-star team made out of several FFI players, and Shadow of Orion, which is the strongest team under her own command,and at its conclusion,Irina was arrested for everything Orion has done and last appeared saying goodbye to her children,Bernard and Froy.



  • According to Animage October 2019, she slowly took control of Orion while her husband was still alive, expelling people who would be against her, like Zhao Jinyun.
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