Iwagaki Noborou (岩垣(いわがき) 登郎(のぼろう)) is a midfielder and the captain for Minodouzan.


Iwagaki is a tall, muscular boy with fair skin tone and broad shoulders. He has a square jaw, dark-colored eyes and short, slightly spiky black hair that becomes purple at its top.


In the first half of the match Goujin Tetsunosuke tried to attack the defense wall, Iwagaki clashed with him, fighting for the ball and took it back, causing Goujin fell on the pitch. During the second half of the match, he approached to Okuiri Hiro to steal the ball from him, but he quickly passed it further. When only 10 minutes left until the end, the Minodouzan’s coach Saitou Ganseki, sent new orders to the team. Iwagaki turned to his teammates, gave them new command and they started to run to the opponent's goal, crushing everyone who stood in their way. When Iwato Takashi stopped them with his technique The Wall and kicked the ball above them, Iwagaki quickly ordered return. However, Inakuni Raimon managed to score their first goal. Later he tried to take the ball from Inamori Asuto, but he defeated him without any problems and passed the ball to Kozoumaru Sasuke. Finally, Minodouzan didn't score any goal and Inakuni Raimon won with two points.



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