Jikiru Haito (地木流(じきる) 灰人(はいと)) is the coach of Occult.



Jikiru Haito's second face.

He has gray eyes and gray hair, and is normally seen with two orange stripes on his cheeks. When he tries to lead his team in using Ghost Lock, his face changes, and he gains a brownish-gray X marking across his face.


He first appeared in episode 4, as the coach of Occult team. He partially helped the Occult team members with Ghost Lock by reciting a chant.

Game appearance

Casual Coach2shot1Coach2shot2


  • Both of his names are references to the novella "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde".
    • In the Japanese name's case, his forename sounds like "Hyde", whereas his surname sounds like "Jekyll".
    • In the English name's case, the first letters of the names have been exchanged.
  • His two-faced personality is also a reference to the aforementioned novella.