Jiraigen (地雷原(じらいげん), lit. Minefield) is a defensive hissatsu tactics.




This tactic was used for the first time during the match between Navy Invader and Star Unicorn when they challenged American team for the representative seat. Finally Navy Invader beat them badly and replaced them in the Football Frontier International tournament.

Jiraigen was used again during the match against Inazuma Japan. After tactic was initiated Fudou Akio rushed through the field and was immediately hit by the explosion of mine. Later Navy Invader's players lured Hiura Kirina and Sakanoue Noboru into the ambush, pushing them violently directly through the minefield. As a result, Inazuma Japan had to replace three players due to the serious injuries they got. According to Nosaka Yuuma’s words, Navy Invader seemingly made random moves when they initiated Jiraigen. In fact they were crushing the wind running against each other and created later small tornadoes. As Aphrodi explained since these tornadoes hovered over the field, they didn’t absorb sand or soil, so they were invisible to human’s eyes. To deactivate the fake mines, Aphrodi used Heaven's Time again and the tornadoes sucked in the dust, finally becoming visible. Later Aphrodi, Nosaka, Inamori Asuto and Ichihoshi Hikaru were kicking the ball directly into these whirls and removed them from the field.

It was later used by Inazuma Japan against Brazil, but instead injuring the player and exploding when it the mine is stepped on, it created a distraction, which resulted in Kira Hiroto winning the ball from Arthur.


This tactic requires the whole team's participation. One player initiates a hand seal to begin with the tactic and the other players run over the own field. The three players dash through their own field and the other one jumps on the field, leaving jump marks. The other players roll over the field until the whole team, forms a 2-2-2-2-2 line formation, leaving a space at the center on the field. The true form of this tactic is only composed of player-sized tornadoes that are invisible on the field and only appears when there is an obstruction on the field. Once the opponent player steps or collides on invisible tornado, it creates an explosion that can cause injury and unable to play the match.




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