Jukai Team (樹海チーム, lit. Sea of Trees Team) is a game exclusive team introduced in Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha.


Their uniform is dark green and their uniform doesn't have socks. All of the members wear a mask.


This is a game exclusive team in the second Inazuma Eleven game and the third Inazuma Eleven game. You can challenge them after you beat the game. They are in the same place where you can challenge Diamond Dust or Prominence. They will be around Level 50.

In the third Inazuma Eleven game, they can be challenged through Kira Hitomiko's taisen route after finishing the game. But you must beat some other teams first before you can challenge this team. This team is in the upper corner of Kira's taisen route.


  1. Bunkou Susumu (GK)
  2. Toufu Nobiru (DF)
  3. Suta Agaru (DF)
  4. Shayasu Yoruyuki (DF)
  5. Shimomaru Sun (DF)
  6. Furunishi Shigeru (MF)
  7. Asaino Saiji (MF)
  8. Kurashibe Reiichi (MF)
  9. Biku Suguru (FW)
  10. Shiki Yuuji (FW)
  11. Manda Sontoku (FW)


  • This team is based on Aokigahara, a forest that lies at the northwest base of Mt. Fuji. It is known for being a popular place for suicides.
  • They have pieces of the Aliea Meteorite.
  • In the second Inazuma Eleven game, you can't scout the members of the team, but in the third Inazuma Eleven game you can scout them via Super-Linking.
  • They all have the skill Muzokusei.
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