KAMAKURA D (KAMAKURA D(ディメンション), Kamakura Dimenshon, lit. Kamakura Dimension) is a catch hissatsu technique.



Inazuma Eleven AC: All Stars


KAMAKURA D was used during the match between Inazuma Japan and Brazil. Nishikage, Tatsuya and Mizukamuya successfully stopped Arthur and Lucian's Death Samba by using their new technique.


First, the goalkeeper smashes their fists together, forming a moon-shaped symbol aura with purple electricity around it. Two other defenders next to the goalkeeper leap upwards and together form an expanding ball of blue energy. The moon-shaped symbols start to rain downwards from the sky as the goalkeeper waves his arms to generate many shiny crystal diamonds like a dome shield around him. If the save is successful, the shoot will hit one crystal and reflect and reverberate inside the crystal dome, eventually slowing down and halting in the goalkeeper's hands.




KamakuraD Dimension Kamakura Inazuma Eleven - Orion No Kokuin

KamakuraD Dimension Kamakura Inazuma Eleven - Orion No Kokuin


  • It is the first hissatsu technique in the anime to have fully-Latin script typography.
  • This hissatsu may refer to the Yokote Kamakura Snow Festival, where people build snow altairs to dedicate to the water deity, to whom people pray for ample water.
    • The 'KAMAKURA' is from the name of the festival, as well as the diamonds covering around the goalkeeper represent the snow altairs, which is named kamakura.
    • "Mizukami" (水神) in Mizukamiya means water god, is also a reference to this festival, even though Nishikage is the main user of the hissatsu.
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